December 31, 2010

We are so LUCKY!!

We got an amazing belated Christmas present today on our doorstep! Supposedly its what the celebrities all use! haha i guess that makes Matt and I stars! Thanks Mom and Dad! Once we got it all assembled i took it for a stroll around the living room a couple times! its amazing except for the fact that I'm too short and the stroller is about the size of me! not really...but seriously! its so amazing and baby Beck is gonna look so fly in it!  

December 27, 2010

A Wonderful Year!

this year has been so great! Matt and i have made so many memories is just the last 12 months. To kick off the year we made a quick moves to Utah where matt started his first "real world" job after graduating in Accounting. we packed everything once again and caravaned from seattle to salt lake! After looking for a place for us to live i enrolled into cosmetology school at Taylor Andrews in Orem. We've celebrated Valentine's day, our One year Anniversary, Birthdays, Weddings, and a new addition to our little family! Thats been the highlight of the year for sure! We can't wait to be parents and see what our little one looks and acts like. There were more Weddings, Birthdays and Holidays! Our Christmas morning was spent with just me and Matt. It was so great to have our time for christmas presents. Even though they mostly were for baby Beck but that made me yet again that much more excited to finally hold this little guy in my arms. This kid is going to be spoiled rotten by family! he isnt even here yet and he already has a room full of stuff! Not everything was for Beck and my gift from Matt was so thougthtful and i dont want to stop looking at it! He got a beautiful picture of the Oakland Temple in a subtle tone and with printing that says Oakland Temple, the dedication date and who by. I for sure started tearing up and cant stop looking. So Matt got me an amazing thoughtful gift and i got him a pair of gortex ski gloves. He needed them for sure but man...Matt is so good at gifts! i have a lot to compete with! oh and he surprised me with a gift for Beck. After seeing the commercial where the stuffed animals come alive and whatnot i had mentioned how much i love one in particular and he remembered months later and i was a surprise to see this...
BECK IS GONNA LOVE IT! i can see him dragging his monkey around everywhere, by the tail, the hand or foot to the store and everywhere else! 

So we had finished opening presents around 7:30 (because i get too excited about Santa and cant sleep!) and then headed up to the rest of the family in West Jordan to see what our niece and nephews got from Santa and Family. They are so cute about their new gifts and toys! We got a beautiful Gliding chair and tummy time play set for the nursery. Only 3 more months and i will be sitting and gliding with my precious baby boy!!!!! Its been an amazing Christmas and i cant wait for this next year! 

December 21, 2010


Baby beck is probably gonna have ADHD! seriously i dont get anymore sleep because he is awake all night and having ceasures..well thats what it feels like at least. I can already tell how active he will be and continuously moving or on the go. But because of his continual action i am awake all night. I dont know how Matt sleeps the whole night while i am tossing and turning. I guess its good practice for when Beck actually comes so i can handle it! Luckily i have the next 2 weeks off from school and plenty of time to catch up! oh and even better once i get back to school in the new year (thats 2011 by the way..we are totally living in the future! ha) i will only have 4 weeks left of cosmetology school and be a licensed hairstylist, as well as other services! I CANT WAIT TO GRADUATE AND HAVE A BABY! I feel like christmas is really 3 months away! Then I'm a mommy!! ahhhhhhh im so nervous yet i know everything will be fine! This is gonna be our kid and matt and i cant wait! oh my gosh.....IM GONNA BE A PARENT! Beck is gonna have the best life mostly because his parents life is so blessed and perfect! i have nothing to complain about and am only looking forward to whats to come! Merry Christmas all!! Love the Robinsons!!

kinda cheesy but it will do! haha one sunday we took some random pics! 

December 14, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is....Beautiful!!

Matt go to go skiing with a buddy this last Saturday and had so much fun! he really is a ski junky and so good at it too!! while i was busy working away at hair school he was enjoying the fresh 14 inches of snow at Brighton! He said he had a couple powder shots and got his moneys worth for sure!! he sent me this picture to let me know how beautiful it was and how much fun he was having. Im so glad he got to get out and have fun...even though i couldnt go because of A.) i really cant miss school...and 2.) because i am carrying around some precious cargo for the next 3 months! He loves the slopes and i love seeing him come home worn out from a great day of something he loves. Once this baby is out i will be joining you in april!! 

December 9, 2010

The Stocking Were Hung By The Chimney with Care!

Our decorations are up thanks to the help of Matt's grandparents throwaway christmas supply. well the tree and some lights...okay one strand of lights really, But we got to set up some stockings for our blossoming little family. We had so much fun jamming to christmas music and hanging lights. Then realizing most of the lights from grandparents didnt work or had a continuous flow we made a sprint to ShopKo (which neither of us had been to yet matt was inspired!) we got there and EVERYTHING christmas was 60% off. so we stocked up! Notice our stockings!! yeah the one (mine) has cardinals on it..are cardinals even really that christmas-y? oh well it still looks cute! so after our shopping spree we booked it back and busted out the jams again and even took a break for hot chocolate with a candy cane and wassail. it really was a great night and festive!! i love the holiday season! 

we have THREE stockings to hang now!!! THREE..we are having a BABY! it's so much more real when you see the evidence. well i guess the belly should be enough evidence but at the same time something different shows and its like a whole new realization. I am so excited and i cant believe that i have the best husband to help me raise our son! My life truly is blessed. 

November 26, 2010

I am thankful!

I really can't express perfectly how thankful I am to have such an amazing husband. He is the person that makes me want to be better every day and I love him more and more everyday because of it. I can't even begin to explain how blessed we are to bring Beck into this world and to love and care for him. I am also grateful for my parents. I am so extremely lucky that my heavenly father chose them for me. They spoil me rotten and love me more than I can imagine. I know I don't show my appreciation for them all the time but I couldn't ask for better parents who treat me with respect and infinite amounts of love and kindness. I am also thankful for my brother and his desire to serve the lord. I am grateful for my nana and papa who are the best grandparents any girl could ask for. I am thankful to not have some psychotic in-laws and for their love and kindness as well! They are all examples to me and I look up to them. I am so blessed to have the life that I have. I feel like I should be expecting some tragic event since everything is so great. I mean no one is perfect but if you look at some others lives mine is pretty amazing (not to brag) and I am so lucky. I love my life and the life I'm bringing into this world. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to become a mother as well as having Matt as the father. I AM SO BLESSED!

November 19, 2010

And his name will be....


You may call him Beck! oh he is going to be so beautiful thanks to Matt!! I have just hit 22 weeks which is just barely halfway through but everything is going so great i almost don't feel pregnant minus the nudging reminders from inside. He is so sqwirmy and full of energy, and loves to kick it into gear when i get home and Matt and i are relaxing at home. Beck loves showing his daddy how much he really loves him! It really is amazing how there is something actually growing and marinating inside of me. Every nudge or kick is a beautiful reminder. Oh man i cant get over the fact that we are going to be parents and be responsible for this little guy! I'm committed and will always try my best to be a strong example throughout his life. Luckily i have Matt to help me along. I dont know what i would do without him. I would be pretty lost thats for sure! AHHH we are having a baby!!!! woop woop
Welp we are off to Arizona in the morning for Thanksgiving! 

November 13, 2010

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh what a day yesterday!! We went to the ultrasound and found out we are having a healthy baby boy!! if you get creeped out by ultrasound pictures or videos..dont scroll down. i get so creeped out by them except now that its my own baby i think it is absolutely beautiful and it really is incredible at how much you can see. WE ARE HAVING A BABY BOYYYYYYYY!!! 

November 8, 2010

His Big Race

Im laggin behind again already! but matt ran his half marathon the saturday before halloween (or the day of halloween in utah) I was kind of nervous because the couple weeks before his race he was working insanely hard at work and wouldnt come home until around 3 in the morning! but he pulled if off so well! it was a costume run, he didnt dress up because he was worried about running and finishing! He did amazing for a first timer... 13 miles in 2 hours and 14 minutes! i met him at checkpoints and cheered him on and passed  him some dried apricots for some energy! 
bright and early around 7 stretching for the kickoff! 
here he is at mile 5 
only mile 5 and he is feeling great! 
about mile 7 and i was too worried about taking a picture and i almost missed the apricot hand off
mile 11 and he caught me by suprise! but he is so happy still!! wait till the finish line...
 yeah this guy ran the whole 13 miles barefoot!! crazy kid! my feet were freezing and i had ugg boots on! 
crossing the finish line. he wasnt much of a happy camper. I kept calling his name and he knew i was there but kept focus on the finish line! i had to chase him down after and he was so loopy it was really cute actually! 

HE EVEN GOT A MEDAL!! and a pretty cool t-shirt that looks like a harley davidson design. pretty cool! happy halloween! 

November 2, 2010

The Outdoors

So Matt and I love our walks up Rock Canyon. We love walking to the little spring. It such a beautiful day, and probably one of the last ones that we could take a stroll outside. I cant wait for the snow though. Wish i could snowboard but i have a better priority to focus on right now! 

 Don't judge...I am Pregnant! (this was a couple weeks ago so i wanna say about 16 weeks along)
the natural spring! a couple was there when we got there just hovering and so we walked a little further until we spied that they made the move. Oh love birds i just wanted a sip from the spring! thanks for moving! 

I love our little walks. It makes the perfect Sunday activity. I just want to take back what i use to say about Utah being an ugly desert, that was false! Utah has its pretty parts! 

September 16, 2010

Its really there!

I had my first ultra sound yesterday and i was able to hear my baby's heartbeat! oh my gosh it sounded like a frog, kind of funny. now i dont have to wonder if the baby is really in there. i heard it and had proof!!! matt came with me and pretty sure we both started to tear up a little bit but held it in! we are so strong! haha but it really in incredible to hear that fast little heartbeat! to celebrate mom came to town (well that was coincidental) and we bought 2 baby girl bathing suits, even though we dont know if its a boy or a girl, and some mommy jeans with elastic that practically goes right to my tah-tahs! hahaha i want to start wearing them now! Man i cant wait to have a kid! its going to be spoiled rotten by my parents and rockin little baby black vans! hahaha mom so knows  our style! convo between my mom and dad about the vans...
Mom: what if they have a girl? 
Dad: so what? 
Mom: well girls dont wear black shoes! 
Dad: well chels wore black shoes so their baby will for sure wear black shoes, stop stressing tam! 

gotta love my parents! they did a great job as parents and i could never thank them enough. i do hope matt and i can be close to as good as parents as mine were!! love them! and i love our heartpounding BABYY! 

September 5, 2010

It's time to celebrate!

so i am now 22 years old and had one great birthday! on our way to school Matt surprised me with my birthday present. It was so thoughtful and too perfect! I love it and probably wont ever take it off! 

Even though it was my birthday i still had to go to school and Matt still had to go to work. i started the day out so clumsy i spilled my makeup all down my pants and couldn't really get it all off but it didn't bother me which meant it was going to be a good day. And since we were working and schooling we planned a lunch at Kneaders where we had some amazing sandwiches and mint brownie. And yet again i managed to smash the brownie all on the front of my white shirt. so i flipped my shirt around and wore it backwards. i would have changed but i was in too good of a mood to let it get to me. Plus we left right after school to go to Ogden to have dinner with my Nana and papa at Maddox. Oh its the best steak ever!! I love spending time with my grandparents and i loved showing off my amazing gift from Matt! Nana loved it! The fun didn't stop there...the next day i spent time with Nana coloring and cutting her hair. It exciting especially since she trusts me to touch her hair now. The main event of the day was my Nana's cousins family reunion where everyone was supposed to bring their families yet no one besides Matt and i showed up! ha-ha but there was some amazing food and i got to learn a lot about Nana's family and genealogy! it was a little awkward but we still had fun none the less. I had such an awesome birthday weekend and when i got home i got even more gifts from my parents in the mail! baby books to start my library. I never thought i would get excited about baby books. I almost started reading them but decided i would get sick of reading them over and over to our kid so i set them aside and just started and got even more excited to have a baby!
    I thought a lot about how when i was younger i wanted to get married no younger than 23 and then maybe and the first kid around 25. funny and wonderful how things can change when you meet the man of your dreams and now i'm a little disappointed that i didn't want all this earlier. but then again if i had wanted this earlier i probably would be with Matt and living the amazing happy life I've always thought of! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and your love! It made my birthday excellent!

August 26, 2010

Here's some news for ya.....

so it really has been forever! sorry for the lack of update! we have had so much fun in the last month. My Friend lauren got married to wonderful Jeff Thompson so we got to fly home for that! it was a beautiful wedding and i feel so honored to have been apart of it! lauren looked beautiful and so happy! after the Wedding we came straight back for work and school. We have visited Logan to clean up the house...which is now sold.. you're welcome mom!! hahah just kidding but its good to be done with that house, too much work for a house no one in the family was living in anymore! but thats off our hands but matt and i indulged in some sweet tasting Angies! its where the locals eat! haha so good!! but with all the fun of the summer going on we have been the most excited about finding out we are pregnant! yes its true!! as of right now they say im due around the end of march! making the baby 10 weeks on saturday! I havent been sick...okay well i haven't been throwing up so i have considered myself lucky! We are so freaking excited and cant wait to really be parents! So incase you didnt you know right!! We are gonna have a BABY!!!

June 16, 2010

once there was a bicycle crash..

oh yeah bytheway that happened this morning. I had forgotten my lunch at home so i called matt to see if he could bring it when he heads to work. after we talked a little he casually mentions that he fell off his bike and tumbled a little bit. he asked if i could buy some gauze, tape and antiseptic spray. this is when i started to freak out! i went to drop off his ouch packet  i saw the damage and oh my gosh it looks like he needs a skin graph on his palm.
and it doesnt just end at these scratches...he has another scratch on his other elbow, his knee and a huge charley horse on his thigh! my poor husband. i came home at lunch to find his handle bars facing the wrong way as well as part of the seat torn through the foam part too. it was so sad. after i helped him patch it up im not gonna lie i was still shaking it looked so bad and i hate seeing him in pain. seriously it just makes your whole body kind of twitch cuz you can simpithize with the pain. but now that he is all wrapped up he kinda looks like a burn victim/leaper with bandages everywhere. poor husband! 

 but we did get to end the day on a good note. a friend had asked if i could sub in on their city softball league. I havent played for a while and it was so good to get some exercise and do something that i love to do. matt did come to watch both games with his bandages! haha sorry to laugh but im finally relaxing about his wounds. I was so scared to hear he had fallen and tumbled and to see it almost reasured my fears. he wasnt wearing a helmet but didnt damage anything to his head...i mean its not noticeable yet if he does. but he is a stud and tough. anyone else would have been bawling their head off. but he is safe and no serious damage done! hopefully they heal quick! i just have to convince him to constantly wear a bandage!

June 12, 2010

Morning Suprise

Okay sorry ladies but my husband is the ultimate best! he woke up early and made breakfast for me! waffles and a strawberry banana shake! he was going to bring it to me in bed...sadly im a light sleeper and i thought he was just awake and alone because he was just woken up by a pointless and stupid phone call. but he was going to bring me breakfast in bed!! when i asked him what he was doing before i got to the kitchen he came to me really fast in the hall with a huge smile and tried to block my view. It was a great breakfast of waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream with a strawberry smoothie on the side!! yummmm and to polish off a great morning we spent the day with nana and papa in ogden! they made us the best dinner we have had in a long time! steak, mashed potatoes, corn, bread and a side salad! yummmmmmmm diddly yummmmmmmmm! it was great to see them especially since they will be her for the summer we can see them more often!

Great Day!

June 4, 2010

This is what i do!

here are some pictures from our hair show! our theme was Pocohontas so we have all different characters and things from the movie as models! Im glad its over but our models looked good! i was a dance for our segment as well as the two other girls in black with blue hand prints! we rocked of course for the thirty seconds we were so stage! but this is our serious face! enjoy the pics! 


the whole gang with students as well
another group had Pirates of the Caribbean and they found some guy thinking he was THE Johnny Depp...psycho
the group again! 
Kokoum and the River and their stylists brittney and ashley
ashley looking fly
Pocohontas and John Smith.. I know his side burns are off but this was before we fixed his wig. yes i made that wig and it was the worst project ever! but it looked cool from on stage. Pocohontas rocked it! she was so sexy!
me and the team! 
siblings! haha
britt and ash
"feathers" and ashely (friends) 
we just died laughing and couldnt stop laughing! 

May 30, 2010

The New Diggs!

So our landlords daughter had been driving us crazy because we would fall asleep around 10:30-11 and the house would be so quiet then all of a sudden at 1:30am someone would be pacing back and forth from the living room (which was right above our bedroom) to down the hall and then some nights there would be stomping/marching. I'm pretty sure she was plaing wii-fit and walking a mile or doing step aerobics because it was so rythmic! We couldn't take it anymore, we hadn't slept soundly since January so we luckily had a back up plan with matts family. His grandparents had passed away and we were able to move into their house for better rent, more room, and an unbelievable view with the temple in our front yard.
We got out of there the next night and slowly moved with amazing help from Clint and kims friend Dustin. Now I'm just praying we don't have to move again for a long time! We have been there for about a week now and we have slept so soundly and I love waking up to Marty downstairs singing. Oh and we planted our first garden (that hopefully produces) in the backyard. We planted peas, carrots, cucumber, spinach, cantelope, and watermelon! We didn't get to the sunflowers but those will be planted shortly! I love where we live! it has been so peaceful and we love our ward and area so much already.

as for hair school we had a big hair show type runway thing last week that im am so grateful is over. the school was divided up into groups of 12 girls and then we all had about 8 models and had to find music for our segment, dancers, costumes, choreography and hair pieces/styles. and to be completely honest it would have been fun to look back on but our instructor kind of made is miserable because of how stressed she would get which made us stressed. before this all started people would say it will get frustrating and you will get mad at friends but once it is over you will have realized how fun it really was....all i have to say is...FALSE! when it was all over i was jumping for joy because we didnt have to do it anymore or deal with stupid people! but it was an experience because now i know what level of stress i can handle and create choreography within a day with the help of ashley! she is an friend at hair school that dances as well and we actually had to perform last minute because plans made by others didnt work out...suprise?! but here are some pictures...oh ps our segment was pocohontas....the theme of the whole show was "fairy tales" with other segments like avatar, toy story, pirates of the carribean and disney shows. everything turned out pretty sweet but again im relieved it over! haha. more actual camera (not phone) pictures to come!
on the left are some of our models..."grandma willow," "feathers" and "pocohontas"... then me and ashley on the right as the dancers. we also had models dressed as Kokoum, John smith, the chief, and the river. we had to improv with characters because we didnt want to use all people but surroundings! haha

May 9, 2010

Happy Moms day!

so today is mothers day and i have to be completely honest...I LOVE MY MOMMY! she has been my role model in life and i owe who i am to her! i know i dont always show how grateful i am for her but no one is perfect right? i do love her will all my heart and she will always be my mommy that is one thing that will never get old. Tami Beckman....i chelsea, love you more than anything and am so lucky to have you as my mother. i aspire to be as good as you. i hope i can teach my children the way you taught alex and i! i cant wait for you to be the nana of my children and spoil them even more rotten than you spoil your own kids. i always want you in my life and i wish i could be with you more often. Mom, I love you!

May 8, 2010

its been far too long...

I feel terrible for not posting anything in so long. especially since i know how many followers i have. its sad most of the people that follow our blog i end up talking to the next day anyways so this is nothing new! but maybe this will be great for a scrapbook of our lives. but to be honest a lot has happened since my mom has come up to visit. okay well maybe not a whole lot but we have been busy. Matt is doing great with his job at AMP and i am getting more and more experience at school. i got a really great compliment the other week. i was asked to help a friend with a perm for her cousins sister. so i had to do a perm on a 5 year old girl. my friend told me that she asked me because she didnt really trust anyone else...she does but really wanted to impress her family and asked me to help. i was honored really! to be trusted in a hair school of picky girls is pretty exciting! woo go me! but im not amazing and i know that but it was really comforting to get a compliment. Im still terrified of cutting mens hair but with matts and his brother-in-law clints help im gradually relaxing. As for matt at work he has been working is butt off and it really has been paying off. he stays later and works harder everyday. he has been great and has been getting many pats on the back for being so helpful. And the best part is he only has room to move up in the company! not like taking over the company but more recognition with everyone! i really am so proud of him and couldnt be happier to married to such a hard worker. so on top of us doing well at school and work our 1st year anniversary was on April 18th. so to celebrate we went to a muse concert about a week before. and it was AMAZING!! seriously amazing! we had both been to a muse concert before but this one was by far the best one EVER! and what perfect timing especially since it is our favorite music!
the stage was just amazing..3 buildings with each musician in the middle of them...and on top of the crazy lighting and crazyness the drum set in the middle rotated! so amazing! to make our anniversary even better we had to give a talk the day of our anniversary in sacrament and teach our primary class all combined which was such a blast!...(sarcasm) but the talks went well and now our ward knows of us. but after church we packed up a picnic lunch and blankets and headed up the canyon and ended in park city. we went to a park and ate on the hill till the sun went down. it was so relaxing and really enjoyed just taking it everything we do!

since our anniversary we got a visit from matts family as they all reunited for his grandmas funeral. I was more of a happy funeral...not because she was finally gone but because she was now able to have her full mind back and join her husband in that place that we all aspire to go eventually. Matts aunts and uncles when they are all together were hilarious and we really enjoyed seeing/meeting them all. the funeral was a classic movie funeral scene, it was overcast and rainy all day but everyone made the best of it and celebrated Thelma's life. I sadly only met matts grandma once and that was after she had been in an assisted living facility for a couple years already. Matt said he didnt really recognize her anymore and it was definitely the same for her. Her mind had wandered away and her body was withering away as well. We sat in her room for a while and didnt really get anything fom her but a glance. as we said goodbye we hugged and then matt wanted a picture. we looked at it all together and i joked to Thelma that she wasnt too happy to see up because we didnt get a smile from her. so we joked a little and then we got a big smile from her and she hugged us goodbye and walked us to the door. It was for sure a tender moment because we knew that going to be the last time we saw her. and it was a sweet goodbye and a good way to go. I know matt was really grateful also. She will never be forgotten. We love you Grandma Sharp! 

after the funeral/family reunion...things slowed down a little until my mom announced that they were putting the Logan house on the market and that we should swap out our washer/dryer for their washer/dryer. and that was a trip were were grateful to make. they are beautiful pieces of machinery and cant thank my parents enough for all they do and give us! we are lucky! really lucky! okay really really really really...etc...lucky! 

thats really all thats happened....coming up next...MOM'S DAY!!!