November 19, 2010

And his name will be....


You may call him Beck! oh he is going to be so beautiful thanks to Matt!! I have just hit 22 weeks which is just barely halfway through but everything is going so great i almost don't feel pregnant minus the nudging reminders from inside. He is so sqwirmy and full of energy, and loves to kick it into gear when i get home and Matt and i are relaxing at home. Beck loves showing his daddy how much he really loves him! It really is amazing how there is something actually growing and marinating inside of me. Every nudge or kick is a beautiful reminder. Oh man i cant get over the fact that we are going to be parents and be responsible for this little guy! I'm committed and will always try my best to be a strong example throughout his life. Luckily i have Matt to help me along. I dont know what i would do without him. I would be pretty lost thats for sure! AHHH we are having a baby!!!! woop woop
Welp we are off to Arizona in the morning for Thanksgiving! 

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