June 14, 2009

Called to Serve

So my brother is leaving on a mission and its super exciting because he is the first, and probably the only, one of our siblings to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am so proud that he is worthy to serve the lord in the Richmond, Virginia mission. I know he will make an amazing missionary and touch many hearts. He has such a loving and compassionate heart that has helped him to gain such a strong testimony of the gospel. He has the capacity  to do great things with the lord by his side and he knows that and isn't afraid to ask for help in times of need. I want him to know that I love him so much and I only wish I could visit him, since he is only about 2 1/2 hour drive away, but duty call and no need for distractions right! I cant wait to hear how much he matures and grows from him experiences. I love you Brover! P.S try not to get shot! haha just kidding.. but seriously
our last family photo before he reports 6/24/09

just some other silly photos... 

yes we are the goofy ones..i don't know how it happened but we are and will always be this goofy! 

June 13, 2009

While the wife's away..

I..  stay up late and write a blog entry? yeah I guess so. We finally got the wireless to work, so thats what you get! Chelsea is in California seeing Alex one last time before he leaves on his mission to Richmond VA, and within approximately 2 hours of us here on the east coast. It's exciting to think back and to see what fun times are ahead for him. Things in Baltimore are just flowin right now. People on the east coast are definitely more up tight than on the west coast. Chelsea, me, and a couple other people we work with were at taco bell the other day, and I was really excited to go because I used to be a pretty regular regular at taco bell in rexburg and I hadn't eaten there in a while. So we get there and as I'm finishing up this lady walks in and we all kind of chuckled because she was GHETTO, gold teeth and all. Anyway, I stood up to refill my drink and my friend Gerriuh was waiting for his food, and I started to tell him how much I loved taco bell, just being goofy. This lady turns around and gives me the stink eye and says something like "Oh really? Good for you!" and I, thinking that she is just playing along with me, respond "Yeah! I'm extremely satisfied right now" and give her a thumbs up. Well she turns around and I head to my seat when she turns back around and yells across the restaurant, "You better keep your opinions to yourself and keep your mouth shut!" I was floored and got defensive. I had no idea what she was talking about. So we had a lovely exchange in front of everyone in taco bell, she said she that I made gestures toward her and didn't like my tone and was going to go get her cousin and nephew (to beat me up?) and whatever and left. Well me and Chelsea looked at each other and we decided that we might as well leave even though we really didn't think I was going to get my butt kicked for real. THE KICKER. I thought that she was upset because she thought I was hitting on her or something. Come to find out she had had her order messed up in the drive through and came in to complain. So she was already pissed off and thought that I was exaggerating how satisfied and happy I was, just to piss her off more. I never thought someone could get in so much trouble for enjoying a chalupa.
Other than that, huge storms, and sleeping through alarms; its been a boring week.