May 31, 2011

Moab for the Day

Matt was able to get either Friday or Monday off for Memorial Weekend and he chose friday. So we took a quick trip down to Arches National Park for some hiking and some sun! It will be aparent soon enough how much sun we have gotten lately! Im pretty ghostly! not to mention Beck is transparent! ha!

It is really incredible how these little caves are created from wind and water! this place was amazing! i cant believe i had never been here before!

"hey something funny!"

haha little peeper! Beck did so good on the trip! everytime we got back into the car he would fuss a little and then be perfectly content when we were outside and walking around! i think he is going to be a very outdoorsy kind of a guy!

"THE" Utah arch! Delicate Arch incase you didnt know its real name!

 our little man was exhausted by the end of the day!

 Riding off into the sunset! it was the perfect ending to the perfect day!

we are working on our photography skills but i must say im a little impressed with this last one! it could be my self portrait! haha not really since im not a photographer..but if you think about it anyone could be a photographer with how many pictures are taken all the time! yeah sure its my self portrait! ha

Anywho we had a blast hiking around and we are looking forward to our next adventure! if anyone wants to plan a trip we are all for it!!

May 22, 2011

One Month Older

When Beck was born we decided to take a picture once a month till he is one year old to watch his growth! The Sox monkey was the perfect measuring tape! He is growing so fast...and yet he is still so tiny!


1 Month

2 Month

He also had his 2 Month check up and shots! oh man it was a sad day! The shots really weren't the hard part it was once we got home and he just felt yucky! Beck is such the trooper though! He still was smiling and talking to me. I love this kid...he is such a tough little man!

May 17, 2011

Inspired work

So ive been craving to do some big project for around the house so I've been checking out all these DIY sites and scrolled upon this thing!

They are an Anthropologie inspired bedside table.
I really want to make these so bad! but since we eventually plan on getting a house (who knows when that will be) i want to decorate it depending on the style of the house. Really it all comes down to me not wanting to pack these up and move them to where ever we end up. Aren't they super cute though? i would totally style them up with a more popping color for the knobs.

I want some kind of project to do and I'm thinking this is more practical!
a Chevron Print Canvas Painting! it would be so cute as a headboard type artwork.
we will see what happens...who knows if i will even get to it

May 14, 2011

meet and greet!

 One of Matt's really good friends had a baby 10 days before Beck was born. And its crazy how similar they are...or atleast their parents are. We have the same car seat just different colors, the same diaper bag just a slight different style, they were both in blue outfits (plaids and stripes) and they were both blessed on the same day! They are ment to be friends! When i showed Matt this picture he said it was a flash back to him and Brett Hodson! This picture just cracks me up! It looks like Henry is telling Beck that everything will be alright. then beck has a grip on Henry's arm! hahah its just so cute!!

It was great to meet Henry finally and chat with Lisa! I really hope we can move up there somewhere..someday! Our boys are just ment to be friends!

Some new news...Beck is finally smiling!! and it really is just heart melting!

He will also try to talk to you but its just so gentle and precious! it sounds a little like "ahhguoohh..ahhgouhh"
I am so blessed to have this beautiful kid in my life!

oh and last night he slept through the night again! this time we let him cry himself back to sleep instead of feeding him around 3 then back to bed! and suprisingly he has been sleeping most of the day today! you think he would be super rested and not tired! i dont like when he sleeps so much because then i cant play with him and i cant get him to smile! I just want to keep him up all the time! lets hope he will sleep through the night again! cross your fingers! im not too worried cus this kid loves his sleep! 

May 3, 2011

His First Blessing

This weekend has been one big party! Starting with my parents coming into town last Friday and then Matt's parents had arrived Saturday. Saturday morning we prepped for the Open-house for Beckman and then had a great turn out with friends and family. Thanks to all who came and sent their congrats. We all had a blast and Beck did great with meeting so many new faces. 

I have to give a huge thanks to my mom for all the preparation she did for the open house. The open house was her idea a long time ago and i was a little iffy in the beginning just because i wasn't sure how big of a turn out it would be...but mommies know best and it was a blast. She definitely went above and beyond with making so much food and favors for everyone. We made little "booties" friday and they turned out so cute! 
Sammy Reber also helped out like crazy! she was our decorator and made a picture collage on the walls and had balloons, wrapped the door as a present with a bow and everything. She is amazing and I am super lucky to have her as my good friend! 

Sunday May 1st we were able to bless Beck. What an experience that was. The whole time I'm thinking how strange it is that this is our kid and now it's finally our turn to do a baby blessing. I can't picture myself as a grown up (or a big kid) with a family let alone having a baby to be blessed. Does any of this make sense to anyone else...basically it's all just so surreal. 

Matt gave the blessing and it was just perfect! he didn't ramble or go into crazy detail, he gave the best blessing i have ever heard. Short, perfectly sweet and to the point. My Dad, Matt's dad, my Papa and brother-in-law Clint were in the circle and Beck was sound asleep which made it go so smoothly. 

Beck looked so HANDSOME in his blessing outfit which was made by grandma Cindy. 

We decided to capture all the generation moments..
FOUR Generations...
that blows my mind. I've never met my great-grandparents (that i know of) and so to see this really was a special moment for me. Cheesy i know but its true. Its like a dream kind of moment! 

The Beckman's! haha
 My dad during sacrament was giving Beck kisses and saying "my cute little Beck-y" and i quickly said "you cant call him Becky, thats a girls name!"...he said "of course i can, kids in college called me beck-y all the time!" Here is my super dumb moment....i was like "dad why would they call you Beck-y? thats not your nammee" as i drifted off...but quickly did i put 2 and 2 together and duhhhh how did i forget his/our last name? wowwww! 

 My mom, Nana and Papa

 Matt's Parents! 

My Parents..who like to match! haha

...and the Thacker (or Fletcher according to Landon) Cousins. just missing Lizzy, James and Luke!

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family and a healthy beautiful baby boy. Life really is getting better and better with everyday!