December 31, 2012

2012 highlights!

Yet another year has gone by and i wouldn't have changed a thing. it was amazing and we have been so blessed. 
just a couple highlights:
*Matt met Bear Grylls from Man Vs. Wild
*Dew Tour at Snowbasin
*Easter and Carousel ride in Spokane with Grami and Gramps
*Suprise pregnancy!
*A week in Cabo San Lucas...babyless
*We bought our first house in Harrisville Utah
*Baby Shower in Danville
*Matt ran the Tough Mudder
*Kitchen remodel (huge thank you to mom and dad Beckman)
*pregnancy belly and belly hugs from Beck
*Halloween and pumpkin seeds
*Hosted Thanksgiving with mom as the cook! 
*Beck became inseparable from Grami Tami
*Welcome Jane Audrey
*Raffle winner at Matt's company Christmas party (skis) 
*Christmas with Matts whole family in Utah (with skyping Jenna in Brazil)

December 30, 2012

Boys will be Boys

Beck had a little play date with his friend Henry Hodson who is only 10 days older. yet what a difference! haha these kids are a crack up!

December 26, 2012

A Merry Christmas

Christmas Morning!

Beck partially unwrapped one present and then moved on to the next thing. he couldn't put down the Flip camera! the kid loves technology. what kid doesn't now a days?

Matt and I have been redoing out kitchen so that was our present to each other but i wanted to do something for Matt so I made a photo type book of our engagement and 1st year of "Our Life" together. i plan to make one for each year to recap and remember how blessed we are. 

Matt even surprised me with 2 goldfish!!! Ive never had my own fish and I have been wanting one so bad! (sadly the black one died the next because we kept it by the window and i think it got too cold or something, that's probably why i never had a fish before!) i love it and the fish were the best surprise ever! 
 (don't pay attention to the fat face..)
After we opened our gifts we drove over to Matt's sister house in Layton where we had a great Christmas day with all of Matt's family, we even got to skype with jenna in Brazil (who comes home in a month!) 

here are just a couple pictures from Christmas
i won a pair of skis at Matts company party. ive never won a raffle before...its paid off! haha

Jane and Cousin Abby (about 3 months apart in age) 

Downtown Ogden City Lights

a perfect powder day at Snowbasin. they skied till they could ski no more!

oh and Jane hit her one month mark! i am so in love with this little angel! she is a great addition to our family! 
i already cant imagine our lives without her!

November 29, 2012

Jane Audrey Robinson

On Tuesday, November 27th 2012 I was scheduled to be induced at the McKay Dee hospital in Ogden
i was so anxious (and uncomfortable) the night before that i just couldn't sleep. it was torturous and around 2 am it was becoming unbearable so i had to do something, so i took a shower, practically got ready and then laid back down in bed till our alarm went off around 8!
 Checked in a little before 9
 and everything was smooth sailing from there
i had the best nurse anesthesiologist, and doctor. After getting checked in, pricked with needles, got an iv drip going and answered the zillion questions, we were ready to get crackin! we filled out some papers and last second decided to give her a middle name of Audrey. i hate doing stuff like that last second but it just felt right. there's a little story behind it but that's for another time!By 10:30 or so i was given pitocin to induce the contractions and there was no time wasted because by about 10:45 i was feeling some cramping and they were practically regular. we had been waiting for Dr. Seale (Rocky) to come and check in on us and when he did the anesthesiologist made his appearance at the same time. The Doc had to break my water. The process was very quick and almost immediately after i was sat up and given an epidural. funny story... our nurse Sabrina had been telling us how extremely quiet the little Indian anesthesiologist was and that the only thing he will say is "ouch" right when he sticks in the needle. when he showed up he said "hello...have you had an epidural before?" then he did his thing setting up and prepping the area and tapped my back and said in a very monotone a quiet voice "ouch." it was hilarious! but then after the line was put in and set up, he started explaining to me how to push the button for more and how it works! when he left the nurse was shocked! she went off about how that was incredible and how much he talked! she said in all her years of working with him that was the most she had ever heard him talk! haha..."ouch!!!" so funny. Now its was about a quarter to 12 and the nurse said it was going to be a lot of waiting from here. but she would be back in an hour to check me and see how far along i was. around 1 Sabrina came back in and sarcastically said "okay lets check you out and i bet you will be around a 7" really thinking i would be around a 5. and to her surprise i was at an 8 and the head was right there. i thought she was joking until she started to page Dr. Seale. then she flipped me on my side and lifted up a leg. she said this speeds the process just that much faster. She told me not to try and page her at least 10 minutes because we needed my iv to finish but i started feeling some pressure around 8 minutes and the iv bag was just barely gone. we paged her and she called the doc and, to spare the dirty details, after 5 contractions little miss Jane entered our world! 
 Miss Jane Audrey Robinson
born November 27th 2012
@ 2:27Pm
6 pounds 13 ounces
19 inches

 Best team EVER
 Dr. Fred (Rocky) Seale, one amazing Doc
 so healthy, so blessed

one proud daddy (of 2!!!)

 Beck meeting Jane for the first time was honestly heart melting. it was so precious!

 Grami Tami holding Jane for the first time! same hair doo!

 Best Big Bro!

Megan and Laura came to see Jane the first night! 

 Minnie mouse...haha

 great-nana meets great granddaughter 
 i cant get enough of this kid! so stinking cute!

 Welcome Baby Jane!
we love you