June 29, 2011


That's right alex....or more commenly known as Elder Beckman, has returned home today!! 
He has served a great mission in Richmond, Virginia! and is now returning to his new home in Spokane, Washington!!
Welcome home Little BroVer!! we missed you and are so glad you are home safe!

June 22, 2011

Parents Cover Contest

I entered this picture of Matt and Beckman into the magazine cover contest on Parents.com
I never thought anything would happen but then i got an email on monday
he was selected and is currently in 124th place
only yesterday he was 137th place so things are moving closer but we need lots more votes
click this link and vote!!
Come back daily! Voting ends 06/26/2011.

tell everyone you know
family, friends, classmates, neighbors, and random people you know!!
every vote counts! haha!
i feel like we are running for president or something!

June 20, 2011

I'm so glad when daddy comes home..

yesterday was fathers day..Matt's first! Even though he is only 3 months new to the game i know he is a natural dad!! i feel so lucky to have him as my husband and the father of our child..and future kids to come!
he must have learned from the best!

My Dad has taught me so much throughout my life and still working on giving me more!
i could go on for hours and lists and lists about al the things that make my dad amazing! all you have to know is he loves his family and nothing matters more!! I love you dad! thanks for shaping me into the person i am today!

on other news...Beckman is 3 MONTHS OLD!! he is getting so big and so fun!

June 15, 2011

I Could Eat This All Day!





Now Matt isn't some huge gamer...he doesn't stay up till 5 in the morning just playing games. It usually is just something to do while im out of the house or as a cool down from a tough day at work!
Now he is teaching Beck the ropes! haha! Teachin' em young!haha

check out the focus!! ha i love my boyz!!

June 10, 2011

Subway Art

I saw this somewhere and really wanted to attemipt it! i think it turned out pretty good! just dont look too close! i used a stencil then painted by hand so its not crazy clean. i will add this to Becks Picture wall in his room! maybe ill post a picture after beck wakes up so i can take one!

June 3, 2011


Oh my gosh i seriously cant get enough of this kid!

Beckman is such a happy baby except for when he is tired then he turns into his mama!! haha he slept for 8 hours last night and was all smiles this morning! even though we all slept like logs i have to admit i am still tired. Not as much as i was a month ago but i am also not a morning person so i need to work on that! but waking up to Beck's beautiful heartmelting smiles wakes me up and i dont want to stop playing with him!
...can you tell?

We have been enjoying the summer nights (now that its warm and not freezing on the bleachers)
Matt is a great softball player and check out his swing!
He is enjoying the double headers, as so am i, once a week
I wish it was coed though. i miss playing but watching my man is just as satisfying!

great and good!!