December 3, 2011


it's honestly to die for!!! imagine a york pattie but SO MUCH BETTER!! 

November 30, 2011

One happy kid..when dads around!

I can spend all day with beck and the most I will get is a pity laugh. Dad walks in the room and he can't stop sqweeling and laughing. I guess I'm not that funny. Watch this!

They could do this all day long. Hahaha

November 26, 2011


This year we had stuffing day at our house with Matts sister Megan! oh my gosh it was great! mostly just because our turkey actually turned out and Megan was there!

we started out with a really light breakfast with fresh fruits and cottage cheese and some homemade toast. yum! then after a short rest we dove into some appitizers..spinach dip, sourdough, veggies, cream cheese raspberry chipotle dip and wheat thins and rosemary crackers

Then with all the stress of praying that the turkey would be cooked through and not over cooked we  enjoyed the best turkey i have tasted in a long time!! for a first timer this was perfection!!

then it was an early dinner with classic grean bean casserol, salad, rolls, mashed potates, gravey and turkey. oh and traditional cranberry sprite and apple grape martinellis! Seriously stuffing!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Robinsons!!
(P.s Becks first thanksgiving and he enjoyed every bite of turkey!)

and Megan!

Beck couldn't get enough turkey..we practially had to restrain him from scarfing it all!

i cant get enough of that gummy smile! and his mouth full of turkey

we had a blast preparing and hosting our first Thanksgiving but could wait to do it again. haha

Thankful savior. the gospel in my life. my husband. how much he makes me laugh, smile, love and care. my baby boy. my family. my inlaws. friends. temples. a roof over my head. a bed to sleep in. food to eat. my health. being a cosmetologist. matts job. matts dedication to provide for his family. my happy and comfortable life.

8 months

holy cow time really is flying by and now my little baby boy...who now looks like a toddler, is 8 months old!

at 8 months Beckman
  • can crawl like a maniac!
  • stands up on everything
  • says mama all day long
  • dances to any music, singing, or really any kind of noise
  • loves to sing while he dances
  • loves to run in the air (while being held)
  • has so much energy
  • loves making a gummy smile
  • wont laugh with mom but as soon as dad walks in the room he instantly starts cracking up
  • eats some solid foods (loved his turkey on Thanksgiving)
  • has a sweet tooth for fruits
  • isnt really interested in food (it takes him forever to eat and drink his bottle
  • falls to sleep without a fuss at bedtime
  • is the best sleeper (12 hours all night long!)
  • craves to be outside all day long
  • loves drinking out of mom and dads glasses
  • is scared of old men
  • doesnt like instant loud cheering
  • loves to read books with mommy
  • loves skyping with his grands
  • loves to watch football
  • is tough except when it comes to cheering
  • is such a blessing to our lives

November 22, 2011

Ellen fan!

so im one of those viewers that makes sure from 3-4 i am uninterupted so i can watch Ellen. Pathetic i know. its just so interesting. One day i will be on the crossing my fingers to go during maternity week! she dishes goodies out like crazy!! but that will take crazy good planning! haha but today they had the cutest little girls again! they seriously are hilarious and i hope at least one of my kids are this outgoing and funny!

November 8, 2011

He gets so excited

its absolutely amazing

one month
two months
three months
four months
five months!!

he is getting so big and has so much personality!! he is growing up so fast. i want to slow time down! i swear he said "mama" the other day. Matt even caught it on tape!

November 3, 2011

Give me something good to eat!

This year marks Beck's first Halloween and his Grami Tami bought him 3 different costumes..she clearly forgot that she bought the others! Even though matt and i have been married through 3 Halloweens, this is our first year of passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters! Not as fun as i thought it would be...maybe its just me but the kids were so awkward...and high schoolers! okay i'll admit i went treating when i was a junior in high school but thats different...right?! anywho...It's also our first time carving pumpkins together...i know we are slackers/party poopers! I think last year we bought pumpkins but never carved them. this year we carved away and even roasted the pumpkin seeds! oh and watched Chunkin Punkin for a good 3 hours! I'd say we did pretty good this year!

he started out as a Shark!

Then....a Monkey

and a Tiger for the finale! 

We took him to a couple of the neighbor houses pretty much just to show him off. one of our neighbors wanted to see all 3 we dressed and went 3 different times! It was so fun to dress him up and now im already thinking of his costume for next year.I'm going to get more into it. we sort of dressed up this year....
(librarian, lumberjack and tiger!) 


October 19, 2011

another month gone by

and so quickly came 7 months for Beck! he is getting so big and learns so fast! once this kid learns how to move his arms while crawling i will have my hands full! he has so much gusto that he will just take off and leave me in the dust!

7 months and he..
  • loves to be snuggled and swaddled in his blanket for bedtime
  • all smiles
  • can say momma and dadda
  • loves to walk with mom and dads help
  • can sit in his stroller all day long
  • is still afraid of loud cheering
  • is a daddys boy
  • loves to skype with grami and grandma
  • is getting pumped to wear his 4 different halloween costumes!
  • loves story time right before bed
  • loves to blow bubbles constantly with his mouth
  • loves the grass (im in trouble when it starts snowing)
  • has monkey toes and can grab anything with his feet
  • still loves anything that crinkles
  • cracks up when he sees other babies
  • is a ladies man..already
  • splashes in the water like crazy in the bath
  • always wakes up so happy from naps and bed
  • sips, okay chugs, out of a cup effortlessly
  • laugh in high pitch noises
  • jabbers to himself
  • loves the mirror
  • and loves his morning walks with his mama!

October 18, 2011

things that crawl

he moves so fast! we are in "barney ruble" (trouble) when he figures how to move his hands. luckily the gate to block the stairs is already purchased! ha 

Career/Dream Job

Matt started at

yesterday and he is loving the job! there are so many perks for him being a skiier and all! he already has his season pass ready to go and cant wait to purchase new gear!!! This really is his dream job, him being a skiier and outdoors guy, and the company being all about winter and outdoor sports!! he is a perfect fit and blending in with everyone at work. He has worked so hard and its paying off. Congrats to us!

October 6, 2011

it's been a while....

2 days in the making for this one trying to catch up on almost 4 months here! so sorry its crazy long! i understand if you only look at pictures...i dont plan on writing much! pictures tell more than words right?! enjoy!

July 2011 Jones Reunion!
all except one of moms brothers! we missed you lloyd and kris! 

 Four generations!!

i was flying solo (with beck). matt couldnt come because of work and his family reunion was 2 weeks later 
im sure he planned it that way so he could get out of being with my crazy family! ha

Matt didnt come and Dad had work as well and was stuck in his cave talking with japan or switzerland or something...

Alex got home from his mission and met beck for the first time!
(this isnt there first meet and greet but he is a good uncle!)

at the "farm"

Lake Couer D' Alene 

and this was constant behavior from grami and gramps!

4 month {grease ball!}

rice cereal for the first time! pirceless reactions!


We went camping on Whidby Island in Seattle for the reunion. it was so much fun!! the adults stayed up to play board games one night and thought we were going to get beat up by some old man neighbor for being too loud. no warning no nothing just his trembeling scream to wake everyone else up who couldnt hear us. camping adventures! 

baby bjorn! 
Beck's cousin Luke filled up the tank a little better! ha these kids are going to be awesome cousins! they gotta team up against the twins!! haha 


the tide on this beach rolled in so fast we saw the boats, which were on dry sand, go afloat! neat

too bad i dont have landons face! he wasnt too happy with the covering the body with sand part. the hole idea was fun just not the idea of being stuck! ha!

Still at the reunion we went to a mariners game and Beck got his first Mariners shirt and wore it proudly! he just wasnt a fan of all the cheering or the crazy hot sun!

7th inning stretch dance! "lady killer!"

Beck loves his Grandma

Beck turned 5 month shortly after we moved into Nana and Papa's house in North Odgen while Matt gets his Masters in Accounting at Weber State.
5 months and getting so freaking big! i love my little man!

First haircut! at this moment i really felt hair school payed off! A little proud! but sad also to cut off becks dark locks! he is going to be a toe-head in the next couple weeks! seriously instant blondy!

Chelsea's 23rd Birthday!  
Mom made an amazing surprise visit and made me my favorite angel food cake! YUM+EEEE
and matt is always so amazing and giving gifts! i wanted this poloroid so bad but barely ever mentioned it! he is perfect! best birthday! mom surprised me, babysat beck, and matt took me on such a beautiful and unforgetable date! I truly am in love..and 23! happy birthday to me!

 Beck Loves hanging out with his Nana! 

Can you believe our son is 6 months old now! and wear my homemade hat!

one last THIS!