November 26, 2011


This year we had stuffing day at our house with Matts sister Megan! oh my gosh it was great! mostly just because our turkey actually turned out and Megan was there!

we started out with a really light breakfast with fresh fruits and cottage cheese and some homemade toast. yum! then after a short rest we dove into some appitizers..spinach dip, sourdough, veggies, cream cheese raspberry chipotle dip and wheat thins and rosemary crackers

Then with all the stress of praying that the turkey would be cooked through and not over cooked we  enjoyed the best turkey i have tasted in a long time!! for a first timer this was perfection!!

then it was an early dinner with classic grean bean casserol, salad, rolls, mashed potates, gravey and turkey. oh and traditional cranberry sprite and apple grape martinellis! Seriously stuffing!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Robinsons!!
(P.s Becks first thanksgiving and he enjoyed every bite of turkey!)

and Megan!

Beck couldn't get enough turkey..we practially had to restrain him from scarfing it all!

i cant get enough of that gummy smile! and his mouth full of turkey

we had a blast preparing and hosting our first Thanksgiving but could wait to do it again. haha

Thankful savior. the gospel in my life. my husband. how much he makes me laugh, smile, love and care. my baby boy. my family. my inlaws. friends. temples. a roof over my head. a bed to sleep in. food to eat. my health. being a cosmetologist. matts job. matts dedication to provide for his family. my happy and comfortable life.


  1. Chalk one up for a great dinner!! Beck is the cutest thing ever!! <3

  2. i loved reading about your thanksgiving. I realllly loved the pictures! We are so thankful for you ALL!

  3. I am impressed! You hosted an entire Thanksgiving by yourself? I have yet to do that one and it looks like you 4 had a great time!