February 28, 2011

Best Visit

I got a couple visitors today! The Robinson's! Lenny, Ron and Emily (Seely)! they brought the cutest clothes for Beck as well as the cutest piggy bank type box! They are the greatest! I got to show them our Baby room and we chated in there for a long while! I love them so much. they definitely are my second set of parent! They are so excited for us to have a baby and be parents it just made me that much more excited. when others are excited for us it gives me more confidence that i can do it.

February 26, 2011


Today marks my week 36 which means only 4 more weeks left! or less!!!!! My fingers are crossed and im hoping i get to see this little guy earlier...but he should cook as long as he can but i wanna see him and hold him and cuddle him! Luckily im not crazy uncomfortable just looking like im about to pop anyday now! Although i've heard from everyone that i will just know when im having contractions but im scared im not going to tell if they are really happening until its too late! but this is my first time so i have no idea what to expect! im just going along with the ride, not so much as Beck. Oh man i just wanna see him!  We really have been so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy. AHHH we are so blessed! i cant wait to be a mom and matt is dying to be a daddy! We love little Beckman so much already, its torturing us that we have to wait 4 more weeks! I still havent really bought any prego clothes and now im starting to give up on getting dressed for the day and just wearing sweat pants and grubby shirts. Im so lazy! but im just at home not trying to impress anyone but myself. i do attempt to put jeans on when we go out! hahah! okay im not really that bad but im sure matt is really impressed! ha! Im ready for this belly to go away so i can move and put my shoes on without getting winded!! 4 more weeks...maybe (cross your fingers) even less than that!

February 23, 2011

Don't Cry Milk!

My favorite commercial that i cant stop laughing at! its so funny!

Buckle Up

We have been hooked up! Thanks Nana and Papa! Beck's car seat arrived yesterday and its legit! but i do need to start pumping the Lb's!!! Im too weak! Now we are all set though for Beck to come...so anytime BECK...we are all just waiting on you! haha! i still have a month to go but an early suprise would be appreciated!

February 21, 2011

5 Weeks and Counting!!

Its a good thing im pregnant because i would be psycho if i wasnt! I only have baby on my mind and making sure we have everything for when Beck comes home! I know i should be thinking about baby but it is taking over my brain! Matt asks what im thinking about and every time its....the baby car seat and i hope it fits well in our car, baby bedding, changing diapers, our stroller usage, bath soaps, and our bumbo...i wish they made those for adults! I think my thinking is normal but its too much for me! i just need Beck home so i can stop freaking out!

I only have 4 weeks and 5 days left! not that im counting or anything but i am so anxious to just see what our little guy looks like and picking out whos features he has! I'm also ready to breath again! i get out of breath just sitting down. maybe im forgetting to breath?! I am excited to be a mom! Bring it on! and i know Matt is just as excited to be a daddy! I have my mind set on Beckman coming exactly on the 26th but what if he comes earlier? I'm not prepared for him to come earlier. maybe thats what i need to work on. Next saturday he could be here....isnt that crazy!!!!! I would rather him come earlier so i can see him and actually cuddle him but i want him to cook as long as he can!! DAHHAHAH i cant wait to have a baby!!

February 14, 2011

I have fallen in love with my best friend and that love is only growing stronger with every new day! 

I love being his wife, I love our son, I love our LIFE! 

I want that!

Since i have baby on my mind im always thinking of what i want yet dont want to pay for...this is one of them! its a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag from nordstroms..
Petunia Pickle Bottom 'Sashay' Organic Cotton Baby Bag

.i have bags already at home that could be used for a diaper bag but this one is just so cute! eventually i guess! i just cant see myself spending over $50 dollars for a bag...im so cheap! but a good money saver!! thats why matt loves me! haha

February 10, 2011

Im expanding!!

I am now into my 34th week of pregnancy and cant believe how much i really have loved it all!! I was lucky though and didnt really get sick only tired. Time really has been flying by though. Beck is just getting so big and so are his kicks. Pretty sure my ribs on my right side are bruised because he only chills on that side...im lopsided, not dramatically but you can tell. But now that he is getting so much bigger and there is less and less room for him to stretch i can see his movements so much more now. Sometimes i can even get a glimpse of his little foot outline. I am always thrown back when i see him sqwirm because it looks like there is an alien trying to break free from my belly! But man what a miracle it is to be able to create a life and watch him grow. Week by week i will read up on his developments and it truly is amazing how our bodies can just be put together and formed the way they do all on their own! so amazing! 
Now that the end of pregnancy is coming to a close i am constantly ready up on the delivery, which i shouldnt because i just get freaked out, but i need to know. Also i have been reading up on parenting styles and feeding and scheduling and all that! its overwhelming. Luckily i have Matt to keep me sane and going in the right direction, without him i would be lost and have already lost my mind by now! I cant believe i am having a baby! it is all unreal and yet so exciting! i dont know if i will ever be fully ready to be a mom and be all that responsible but i am capable! I just wanna see the little guy and finally hold him in my arms. plus im ready to breath normal again. its pathetic that last night we were just sitting on the couch (being lazy) and i was finding myself catching my breath....from doing nothing! oh the joys of pregnancy!