February 10, 2011

Im expanding!!

I am now into my 34th week of pregnancy and cant believe how much i really have loved it all!! I was lucky though and didnt really get sick only tired. Time really has been flying by though. Beck is just getting so big and so are his kicks. Pretty sure my ribs on my right side are bruised because he only chills on that side...im lopsided, not dramatically but you can tell. But now that he is getting so much bigger and there is less and less room for him to stretch i can see his movements so much more now. Sometimes i can even get a glimpse of his little foot outline. I am always thrown back when i see him sqwirm because it looks like there is an alien trying to break free from my belly! But man what a miracle it is to be able to create a life and watch him grow. Week by week i will read up on his developments and it truly is amazing how our bodies can just be put together and formed the way they do all on their own! so amazing! 
Now that the end of pregnancy is coming to a close i am constantly ready up on the delivery, which i shouldnt because i just get freaked out, but i need to know. Also i have been reading up on parenting styles and feeding and scheduling and all that! its overwhelming. Luckily i have Matt to keep me sane and going in the right direction, without him i would be lost and have already lost my mind by now! I cant believe i am having a baby! it is all unreal and yet so exciting! i dont know if i will ever be fully ready to be a mom and be all that responsible but i am capable! I just wanna see the little guy and finally hold him in my arms. plus im ready to breath normal again. its pathetic that last night we were just sitting on the couch (being lazy) and i was finding myself catching my breath....from doing nothing! oh the joys of pregnancy!

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  1. You are just too stinking cute and I love ya!! I am excited for you and can't wait to see your adorable baby!