May 30, 2010

The New Diggs!

So our landlords daughter had been driving us crazy because we would fall asleep around 10:30-11 and the house would be so quiet then all of a sudden at 1:30am someone would be pacing back and forth from the living room (which was right above our bedroom) to down the hall and then some nights there would be stomping/marching. I'm pretty sure she was plaing wii-fit and walking a mile or doing step aerobics because it was so rythmic! We couldn't take it anymore, we hadn't slept soundly since January so we luckily had a back up plan with matts family. His grandparents had passed away and we were able to move into their house for better rent, more room, and an unbelievable view with the temple in our front yard.
We got out of there the next night and slowly moved with amazing help from Clint and kims friend Dustin. Now I'm just praying we don't have to move again for a long time! We have been there for about a week now and we have slept so soundly and I love waking up to Marty downstairs singing. Oh and we planted our first garden (that hopefully produces) in the backyard. We planted peas, carrots, cucumber, spinach, cantelope, and watermelon! We didn't get to the sunflowers but those will be planted shortly! I love where we live! it has been so peaceful and we love our ward and area so much already.

as for hair school we had a big hair show type runway thing last week that im am so grateful is over. the school was divided up into groups of 12 girls and then we all had about 8 models and had to find music for our segment, dancers, costumes, choreography and hair pieces/styles. and to be completely honest it would have been fun to look back on but our instructor kind of made is miserable because of how stressed she would get which made us stressed. before this all started people would say it will get frustrating and you will get mad at friends but once it is over you will have realized how fun it really was....all i have to say is...FALSE! when it was all over i was jumping for joy because we didnt have to do it anymore or deal with stupid people! but it was an experience because now i know what level of stress i can handle and create choreography within a day with the help of ashley! she is an friend at hair school that dances as well and we actually had to perform last minute because plans made by others didnt work out...suprise?! but here are some pictures...oh ps our segment was pocohontas....the theme of the whole show was "fairy tales" with other segments like avatar, toy story, pirates of the carribean and disney shows. everything turned out pretty sweet but again im relieved it over! haha. more actual camera (not phone) pictures to come!
on the left are some of our models..."grandma willow," "feathers" and "pocohontas"... then me and ashley on the right as the dancers. we also had models dressed as Kokoum, John smith, the chief, and the river. we had to improv with characters because we didnt want to use all people but surroundings! haha

May 9, 2010

Happy Moms day!

so today is mothers day and i have to be completely honest...I LOVE MY MOMMY! she has been my role model in life and i owe who i am to her! i know i dont always show how grateful i am for her but no one is perfect right? i do love her will all my heart and she will always be my mommy that is one thing that will never get old. Tami Beckman....i chelsea, love you more than anything and am so lucky to have you as my mother. i aspire to be as good as you. i hope i can teach my children the way you taught alex and i! i cant wait for you to be the nana of my children and spoil them even more rotten than you spoil your own kids. i always want you in my life and i wish i could be with you more often. Mom, I love you!

May 8, 2010

its been far too long...

I feel terrible for not posting anything in so long. especially since i know how many followers i have. its sad most of the people that follow our blog i end up talking to the next day anyways so this is nothing new! but maybe this will be great for a scrapbook of our lives. but to be honest a lot has happened since my mom has come up to visit. okay well maybe not a whole lot but we have been busy. Matt is doing great with his job at AMP and i am getting more and more experience at school. i got a really great compliment the other week. i was asked to help a friend with a perm for her cousins sister. so i had to do a perm on a 5 year old girl. my friend told me that she asked me because she didnt really trust anyone else...she does but really wanted to impress her family and asked me to help. i was honored really! to be trusted in a hair school of picky girls is pretty exciting! woo go me! but im not amazing and i know that but it was really comforting to get a compliment. Im still terrified of cutting mens hair but with matts and his brother-in-law clints help im gradually relaxing. As for matt at work he has been working is butt off and it really has been paying off. he stays later and works harder everyday. he has been great and has been getting many pats on the back for being so helpful. And the best part is he only has room to move up in the company! not like taking over the company but more recognition with everyone! i really am so proud of him and couldnt be happier to married to such a hard worker. so on top of us doing well at school and work our 1st year anniversary was on April 18th. so to celebrate we went to a muse concert about a week before. and it was AMAZING!! seriously amazing! we had both been to a muse concert before but this one was by far the best one EVER! and what perfect timing especially since it is our favorite music!
the stage was just amazing..3 buildings with each musician in the middle of them...and on top of the crazy lighting and crazyness the drum set in the middle rotated! so amazing! to make our anniversary even better we had to give a talk the day of our anniversary in sacrament and teach our primary class all combined which was such a blast!...(sarcasm) but the talks went well and now our ward knows of us. but after church we packed up a picnic lunch and blankets and headed up the canyon and ended in park city. we went to a park and ate on the hill till the sun went down. it was so relaxing and really enjoyed just taking it everything we do!

since our anniversary we got a visit from matts family as they all reunited for his grandmas funeral. I was more of a happy funeral...not because she was finally gone but because she was now able to have her full mind back and join her husband in that place that we all aspire to go eventually. Matts aunts and uncles when they are all together were hilarious and we really enjoyed seeing/meeting them all. the funeral was a classic movie funeral scene, it was overcast and rainy all day but everyone made the best of it and celebrated Thelma's life. I sadly only met matts grandma once and that was after she had been in an assisted living facility for a couple years already. Matt said he didnt really recognize her anymore and it was definitely the same for her. Her mind had wandered away and her body was withering away as well. We sat in her room for a while and didnt really get anything fom her but a glance. as we said goodbye we hugged and then matt wanted a picture. we looked at it all together and i joked to Thelma that she wasnt too happy to see up because we didnt get a smile from her. so we joked a little and then we got a big smile from her and she hugged us goodbye and walked us to the door. It was for sure a tender moment because we knew that going to be the last time we saw her. and it was a sweet goodbye and a good way to go. I know matt was really grateful also. She will never be forgotten. We love you Grandma Sharp! 

after the funeral/family reunion...things slowed down a little until my mom announced that they were putting the Logan house on the market and that we should swap out our washer/dryer for their washer/dryer. and that was a trip were were grateful to make. they are beautiful pieces of machinery and cant thank my parents enough for all they do and give us! we are lucky! really lucky! okay really really really really...etc...lucky! 

thats really all thats happened....coming up next...MOM'S DAY!!!