December 31, 2010

We are so LUCKY!!

We got an amazing belated Christmas present today on our doorstep! Supposedly its what the celebrities all use! haha i guess that makes Matt and I stars! Thanks Mom and Dad! Once we got it all assembled i took it for a stroll around the living room a couple times! its amazing except for the fact that I'm too short and the stroller is about the size of me! not really...but seriously! its so amazing and baby Beck is gonna look so fly in it!  

December 27, 2010

A Wonderful Year!

this year has been so great! Matt and i have made so many memories is just the last 12 months. To kick off the year we made a quick moves to Utah where matt started his first "real world" job after graduating in Accounting. we packed everything once again and caravaned from seattle to salt lake! After looking for a place for us to live i enrolled into cosmetology school at Taylor Andrews in Orem. We've celebrated Valentine's day, our One year Anniversary, Birthdays, Weddings, and a new addition to our little family! Thats been the highlight of the year for sure! We can't wait to be parents and see what our little one looks and acts like. There were more Weddings, Birthdays and Holidays! Our Christmas morning was spent with just me and Matt. It was so great to have our time for christmas presents. Even though they mostly were for baby Beck but that made me yet again that much more excited to finally hold this little guy in my arms. This kid is going to be spoiled rotten by family! he isnt even here yet and he already has a room full of stuff! Not everything was for Beck and my gift from Matt was so thougthtful and i dont want to stop looking at it! He got a beautiful picture of the Oakland Temple in a subtle tone and with printing that says Oakland Temple, the dedication date and who by. I for sure started tearing up and cant stop looking. So Matt got me an amazing thoughtful gift and i got him a pair of gortex ski gloves. He needed them for sure but man...Matt is so good at gifts! i have a lot to compete with! oh and he surprised me with a gift for Beck. After seeing the commercial where the stuffed animals come alive and whatnot i had mentioned how much i love one in particular and he remembered months later and i was a surprise to see this...
BECK IS GONNA LOVE IT! i can see him dragging his monkey around everywhere, by the tail, the hand or foot to the store and everywhere else! 

So we had finished opening presents around 7:30 (because i get too excited about Santa and cant sleep!) and then headed up to the rest of the family in West Jordan to see what our niece and nephews got from Santa and Family. They are so cute about their new gifts and toys! We got a beautiful Gliding chair and tummy time play set for the nursery. Only 3 more months and i will be sitting and gliding with my precious baby boy!!!!! Its been an amazing Christmas and i cant wait for this next year! 

December 21, 2010


Baby beck is probably gonna have ADHD! seriously i dont get anymore sleep because he is awake all night and having ceasures..well thats what it feels like at least. I can already tell how active he will be and continuously moving or on the go. But because of his continual action i am awake all night. I dont know how Matt sleeps the whole night while i am tossing and turning. I guess its good practice for when Beck actually comes so i can handle it! Luckily i have the next 2 weeks off from school and plenty of time to catch up! oh and even better once i get back to school in the new year (thats 2011 by the way..we are totally living in the future! ha) i will only have 4 weeks left of cosmetology school and be a licensed hairstylist, as well as other services! I CANT WAIT TO GRADUATE AND HAVE A BABY! I feel like christmas is really 3 months away! Then I'm a mommy!! ahhhhhhh im so nervous yet i know everything will be fine! This is gonna be our kid and matt and i cant wait! oh my gosh.....IM GONNA BE A PARENT! Beck is gonna have the best life mostly because his parents life is so blessed and perfect! i have nothing to complain about and am only looking forward to whats to come! Merry Christmas all!! Love the Robinsons!!

kinda cheesy but it will do! haha one sunday we took some random pics! 

December 14, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is....Beautiful!!

Matt go to go skiing with a buddy this last Saturday and had so much fun! he really is a ski junky and so good at it too!! while i was busy working away at hair school he was enjoying the fresh 14 inches of snow at Brighton! He said he had a couple powder shots and got his moneys worth for sure!! he sent me this picture to let me know how beautiful it was and how much fun he was having. Im so glad he got to get out and have fun...even though i couldnt go because of A.) i really cant miss school...and 2.) because i am carrying around some precious cargo for the next 3 months! He loves the slopes and i love seeing him come home worn out from a great day of something he loves. Once this baby is out i will be joining you in april!! 

December 9, 2010

The Stocking Were Hung By The Chimney with Care!

Our decorations are up thanks to the help of Matt's grandparents throwaway christmas supply. well the tree and some lights...okay one strand of lights really, But we got to set up some stockings for our blossoming little family. We had so much fun jamming to christmas music and hanging lights. Then realizing most of the lights from grandparents didnt work or had a continuous flow we made a sprint to ShopKo (which neither of us had been to yet matt was inspired!) we got there and EVERYTHING christmas was 60% off. so we stocked up! Notice our stockings!! yeah the one (mine) has cardinals on it..are cardinals even really that christmas-y? oh well it still looks cute! so after our shopping spree we booked it back and busted out the jams again and even took a break for hot chocolate with a candy cane and wassail. it really was a great night and festive!! i love the holiday season! 

we have THREE stockings to hang now!!! THREE..we are having a BABY! it's so much more real when you see the evidence. well i guess the belly should be enough evidence but at the same time something different shows and its like a whole new realization. I am so excited and i cant believe that i have the best husband to help me raise our son! My life truly is blessed.