December 21, 2010


Baby beck is probably gonna have ADHD! seriously i dont get anymore sleep because he is awake all night and having ceasures..well thats what it feels like at least. I can already tell how active he will be and continuously moving or on the go. But because of his continual action i am awake all night. I dont know how Matt sleeps the whole night while i am tossing and turning. I guess its good practice for when Beck actually comes so i can handle it! Luckily i have the next 2 weeks off from school and plenty of time to catch up! oh and even better once i get back to school in the new year (thats 2011 by the way..we are totally living in the future! ha) i will only have 4 weeks left of cosmetology school and be a licensed hairstylist, as well as other services! I CANT WAIT TO GRADUATE AND HAVE A BABY! I feel like christmas is really 3 months away! Then I'm a mommy!! ahhhhhhh im so nervous yet i know everything will be fine! This is gonna be our kid and matt and i cant wait! oh my gosh.....IM GONNA BE A PARENT! Beck is gonna have the best life mostly because his parents life is so blessed and perfect! i have nothing to complain about and am only looking forward to whats to come! Merry Christmas all!! Love the Robinsons!!

kinda cheesy but it will do! haha one sunday we took some random pics! 

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