March 22, 2010

One Great Weekend with my MOM!!

(this is an older picture but i love it! we forgot to take so mad)
So my mom drove up to Utah on Thursday to visit for like 2 days. that drive is about 11 hours and she did it all by herself! man i love my mom so much! so i got to see her right in the morning because she came to my school where i gave her a new color and cut! well it looks the same as before but the color wasn't out of a box!! haha! I had so much fun showing her off to my friends and instructors. they all loved her and my mom actually trusted me with doing her hair. then again she did say that "the difference between a good and bad haircut is only 2 weeks." but it turned out really good! not to boast or anything! haha! so after we spent time doing her hair the bonding continued while shopping at the mall, seagull books, the distribution store,  and costco!! oh man i enjoyed getting spoiled but i more enjoyed spending time with my mom. i miss seeing her all the time but the separation makes the reunion so much better. sadly she left on sunday morning. her trip was so short but so comforting! Matt, Mom and I went out to dinner and mmmmm it was so good! i loved just sitting and chatting. I really cant say how much i love her and appreciate how genuine and giving she is!

March 7, 2010

to get things cleared up...

so our class got things cleared up and turns out it was just one HUGE miss understanding. which was such a relief honestly. turns out that someone was between the "2 groups" and felt it was best to exaggerate about the other and some things were said that weren't true and got the drama rolling. so the "groups" had a huge talk and everything was one big misunderstanding and now we are all friends again. i really do love ALL the girls in my class and i am so glad to meet them and make new friends. i hate that we had to have so much drama and division before we could be friends but now we have learned from our mistakes and only have room to improve. So i also want to apologize for my last post because of the misunderstanding it doesnt really apply. here are some of the girls!!!...happy!