June 16, 2010

once there was a bicycle crash..

oh yeah bytheway that happened this morning. I had forgotten my lunch at home so i called matt to see if he could bring it when he heads to work. after we talked a little he casually mentions that he fell off his bike and tumbled a little bit. he asked if i could buy some gauze, tape and antiseptic spray. this is when i started to freak out! i went to drop off his ouch packet  i saw the damage and oh my gosh it looks like he needs a skin graph on his palm.
and it doesnt just end at these scratches...he has another scratch on his other elbow, his knee and a huge charley horse on his thigh! my poor husband. i came home at lunch to find his handle bars facing the wrong way as well as part of the seat torn through the foam part too. it was so sad. after i helped him patch it up im not gonna lie i was still shaking it looked so bad and i hate seeing him in pain. seriously it just makes your whole body kind of twitch cuz you can simpithize with the pain. but now that he is all wrapped up he kinda looks like a burn victim/leaper with bandages everywhere. poor husband! 

 but we did get to end the day on a good note. a friend had asked if i could sub in on their city softball league. I havent played for a while and it was so good to get some exercise and do something that i love to do. matt did come to watch both games with his bandages! haha sorry to laugh but im finally relaxing about his wounds. I was so scared to hear he had fallen and tumbled and to see it almost reasured my fears. he wasnt wearing a helmet but didnt damage anything to his head...i mean its not noticeable yet if he does. but he is a stud and tough. anyone else would have been bawling their head off. but he is safe and no serious damage done! hopefully they heal quick! i just have to convince him to constantly wear a bandage!

June 12, 2010

Morning Suprise

Okay sorry ladies but my husband is the ultimate best! he woke up early and made breakfast for me! waffles and a strawberry banana shake! he was going to bring it to me in bed...sadly im a light sleeper and i thought he was just awake and alone because he was just woken up by a pointless and stupid phone call. but he was going to bring me breakfast in bed!! when i asked him what he was doing before i got to the kitchen he came to me really fast in the hall with a huge smile and tried to block my view. It was a great breakfast of waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream with a strawberry smoothie on the side!! yummmm and to polish off a great morning we spent the day with nana and papa in ogden! they made us the best dinner we have had in a long time! steak, mashed potatoes, corn, bread and a side salad! yummmmmmmm diddly yummmmmmmmm! it was great to see them especially since they will be her for the summer we can see them more often!

Great Day!

June 4, 2010

This is what i do!

here are some pictures from our hair show! our theme was Pocohontas so we have all different characters and things from the movie as models! Im glad its over but our models looked good! i was a dance for our segment as well as the two other girls in black with blue hand prints! we rocked of course for the thirty seconds we were so stage! but this is our serious face! enjoy the pics! 


the whole gang with students as well
another group had Pirates of the Caribbean and they found some guy thinking he was THE Johnny Depp...psycho
the group again! 
Kokoum and the River and their stylists brittney and ashley
ashley looking fly
Pocohontas and John Smith.. I know his side burns are off but this was before we fixed his wig. yes i made that wig and it was the worst project ever! but it looked cool from on stage. Pocohontas rocked it! she was so sexy!
me and the team! 
siblings! haha
britt and ash
"feathers" and ashely (friends) 
we just died laughing and couldnt stop laughing!