June 12, 2010

Morning Suprise

Okay sorry ladies but my husband is the ultimate best! he woke up early and made breakfast for me! waffles and a strawberry banana shake! he was going to bring it to me in bed...sadly im a light sleeper and i thought he was just awake and alone because he was just woken up by a pointless and stupid phone call. but he was going to bring me breakfast in bed!! when i asked him what he was doing before i got to the kitchen he came to me really fast in the hall with a huge smile and tried to block my view. It was a great breakfast of waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream with a strawberry smoothie on the side!! yummmm and to polish off a great morning we spent the day with nana and papa in ogden! they made us the best dinner we have had in a long time! steak, mashed potatoes, corn, bread and a side salad! yummmmmmmm diddly yummmmmmmmm! it was great to see them especially since they will be her for the summer we can see them more often!

Great Day!

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