May 24, 2009

I know, I know, where are all the pictures...

I'm sorry we haven't put up any pictures of anything since we've been in Baltimore, we are working on it. As for now, we are trying to recover from a rather long and tiring week. Chelsea's new job has been pretty demanding as she learns what all she is required to keep track of. She's got a pretty good handle on it now, this next week should be a lot smoother.
My mom is so funny, on May 18th, she sent a text message to me and Chelsea congradulating us on our month anniversary. It was nice of her to remember and think of us because WE both didn't even think about it until she texted us. We thought it was pretty funny. I hope the fact that neither of us remembered our month anniversary isn't like a bad omen or something.. I mean, we did shove cake in each others faces. Seriously though, I look at my left hand sometimes and can't believe that Chelsea and I are married! It is still great, and we are better friends and more in love than ever. (Too mushy? I'm sorry, it just came out).
Anyway, nothing really note-worthy happened this week, just plugging along with work. We went to D.C. last weekend and took some pictures. We'll try to get them up sometime soon, when we catch our breath :)

Matt and Chelsea

May 23, 2009

Little Stressors of life!

Wow I (Chelsea) had no idea what i was getting into with this new job. I wasnt trained properly and so i have been trying doing this job blindly. Everyday i am learning something new that i was supposed to have been doing. But my jobs includes a lot of counting and recounting and distributing! its great! (that was supposed to be a little sarcastic but at the same time not..haha) I really am just so grateful that i was offered the job. And it proves that if you are doing whats right god will answer your prayers. Even though i have absolutely no idea who to do inventory Im catching on pretty fast, atleast thats how i feel. But this last week i have been working about 10-12 sometimes 13 hour days. Its like each day i find out something that i should have been doing that i need to make up for, and sometimes there is no way to know what had been done before me because it wasnt documented. I am getting the order of things though and extremely organized. My super OCD is coming out so strong its probably annoying everyone. But someone needs to be strick and not so lenient because thats how the numbers become so far off what they should be and it just train wrecks after that. I feel like i have been so rude to the techs and everyone hates me, but i just dont want to mess up and just get things organized thats all. Ahhhh..the stress..Plus on top of that stress i had to take some tests for my online health and health ed classes by friday, which ironically covered the chapters on stress and the disabilities that extreme high levels of stress can cause. So i started stressing reading about stress and how much i could have overstressed this last week...This all reallycomes down to how i am just so greatful for matt for helping me to see the positive and really lending an extra hand with counting all the inventory almost every night! I sound like a Kindergarden teacher when i say this but he really was my "little helper!" I probably wouldnt have lasted in this position if it werent for his possitive and comforting help. Matt...I love you and thanks (not that this is something new but just a side note reminder i guess!) But now its the weekend and i can take the time to relax and get myself all pulled together..hopefully! haha

MAn this is kind of a downer post but i can tell you besides the stress of work, being a Robinson is amazing and aside from work, matt and i are just having so much fun out here in Maryland and just barely remembered that it had been a month since we got married...thanks cindy for the reminder!!! haha. We are constantly laughing and just having a good time. I have just been practicing my little suzy homemaker skills and making matt a lunch every day for work and cooking for him whenever we have time to (or the appitite in the middle of the night) to eat after he gets home from work. Last Sunday we took a stroll around D.C and saw some interesting things. We saw a segway tour of like 10-15 people just rolling around listening to headphones. we got the brochure and now trying to get matts "boss" to make it an end of the summer party. Not necessarily for the tour but to get all of us on segways riding around all D.C on segways and goofing off! Oh the hilarity of it all!! okay well really nothing new has happened except DC so here is just a couple pictures to make this blog a little more upbeat rather than stressing those that read about my stress!!

Happy PictureS!

This is a super old pharmacy..can you see the year at the top?

These people were cracking us up! It was a tour group on Segways. It was hilarious watching them all ride around, and this one lady was pretty much terrified she was going to crash. Now we want to take the tour just to goof off on the Segways

Capitol Building!

The Lincoln Memorial view from the Washington Monument

... Happy Pictures!

May 19, 2009

getting into a groove

So we're getting into somewhat of a groove with living life, even if it is not that normal. Chelsea was able to get a job in the office which is a pretty funny story. She has been almost getting jobs in our office for like 2 weeks now and every time we think she will get one, they had to give it to someone else. We were getting a little frustrated with that alley and Chelsea started to apply for other jobs at restaurants and other places. Then one night one of the technicians decided that he was going to quit and move to vegas to sell pest control (interesting move considering how busy we are here). The important part of that is that his wife was doing the inventory for all of the alarm equipment and she obviously was leaving with him; leaving an opening for Chelsea! So she is now working pretty much full time in the office organizing and counting equipment.. it's PERFECT for her. Nothing exciting to report from my end of things, just teaching people how to set their alarms. I have been really busy and have been catching up despite coming out a week later than most of the technicians.
We have now been married a month, and couldn't be happier!

May 10, 2009

First week of our summer is DONE!!

This week has been pretty crazy as I (Matt) have started working for the summer for AMP Alarm installing home security. Chelsea has kept herself busy getting our apartment all set up and getting ready for some online classes that she's taking this summer. Getting back into the swing of things with alarms has been interesting but good. Baltimore has proven to be quite a bit more ghetto than virginia was. Saturday night I was sent to a house to install an alarm, the last one of the night, but the office sent me to "907 princeton ct" instead of "907 princeton terr" which was around the corner. However there was a really pissed off guy at 907 princeton ct. I knocked on his door once and he didn't answer, then I knocked again and as I was walking back to my car the guy came to the door cussin up a storm, yelling at me, and waving a rather large firearm. Needless to say I was shocked, and immediately reached for the sky, and yelled WOAH WOAH WOAH! After he realized I wasn't there to do anything bad he hid the gun behind his back and pretty much gave me to the count of ten. It only took me to the count of 2 though and I was out of there! Thats been the most exciting experience so far. Chelsea came with me on a couple of jobs earlier in the week and was a great assistant. This week has been good to get settled and actually start our life together. Hopefully I don't have anymore gun experiences, but I'm sure there will be some more stories from the summer that we will be able to post here. Until next time... 

May 8, 2009

A Little Update

So I have some pictures to post up from our trip so here you go!!

this was just the beginins...

We made our way from Danville, CA to Seattle and stopped by Crater Lake in Oregon! It was beautiful and smelled so clean!

we had to walk to get a good look at the 1900 ft crater of beauty as they were plowing the street!

trying to get a closer look and he falls in pretty deep...buuurrr
while i laugh away on some scenic rock trying to ignore the pain of my frozen freshly cut foot...thats what i get for wearing flip-flops! Karma

We hopped right back into the car for another 10 hours... to finally reach seattle in time for the Mariners game! Where Jenna then accompanied us to help cheer on Ichiro! WOO go team go! i only wish i could have seen the convertable top close!

After we left seattle we headed up to canada to the beautiful Gardens of Butchart!!

"chelsea is so funny!" This is a Redwood tree Hedge!! crazy!!

Th Gardens were just amazing and right after the gardens we glided around Victoria on our longboard and a camera just looking like tourist! and thats when we run into the bum with turrets! it was a beautiful day that not even a bum could ruin! by the end of the day chelsea's calf was hurting so much to where we made multiple stops for a stretching break! Because our balcony had an amazing view and a bbq we bought steaks, garlic asperagus and Dr. Pepper for one night, and the other night we had salmon and halibut with a side salad and some mashed potatoes! The feast for kings! Chelsea got to experience her first taste of halibut and fell in love shortly thereafter!

Our trip to Canada was so fun and we were a little bummed to have to leave, but we headed back to seattle for one more night and then enjoyed a great open house at the parents for more wedding gifts and cheesecake for months to come! It was very low key but perfect! Chelsea got to meet people from Redmond that matt talked about and we had some great laughs! Chelsea's mom and dad flew up from California and it was so good to see them and have them there at the reception.

The next morning we were finally making our way across the country to Maryland! our first stop was Salt Lake, UT where we stayed at Chelsea's Nanas house for one night. 12 hours later we ended in Omaha, Nebraska. This was a great pit stop because we decided to camp out at a KOA but it ended up raining and we rented a little wood cabin and fell asleep to the rain storm overhead! it was peaceful! The next 8 1/2 hour drive took us to chicago for 2 nights! Matt suprised me with Cubs tickets!! I have always wanted to go to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs play. it was great! but before the game we walked around chicago and took some pictures of the windy city


"if the moon was made out of BBQ spare ribs, would you eat the moon? HECK i know i would, i even go for seconds and polish it off with an ice cold Budwizer!"

Finaly surrounded by a sea of BLUE

this is awesome...a scoreboard under the top deckoh the beautiful field of Wrigley!

May 4, 2009

Just getting started

We have been married for 16 days 3 hours 27 minutes and 50 seconds now and loving every second of it. After the wedding day we took our time and made our way up the coast from San Francisco to Victoria Canada to see the sights. In Victoria we cruised around EVERYWHERE on our longboards checking out the town looking like tourists. Funny story actually, we were eating pizza on some grassy knoll. It was so peaceful and then all of a sudden we hear somebody yelling "i blame the FAA. they blocked all the satilites and forced pluto to drop out of orbit!" then there is a couple minutes of silence and then another outburst makes its way.."i dont owe ****, my account number is 529938492 (i just made those up) I CANT believe this man, I LOVE you man..." we died laughing!! And then right next to this guy some drug deal was going on with frist some lady probably in her 40's and later a random hoodlum! I love canada!!
We made out way then from canada to seattle for the open house! it was perfect and small! There was plenty of cheesecake left over so im sure if you still want some give cindy a call!! after the open house we then started our coast-to-coast treck from seattle to Maryland.
We made a stop in Salt lake, then Omaha, where we camped out at a KOA. It was raining so we stayed in a little cabin instead of a tent. It was so much fun! but from there we made our way to the windy city of chicago for 2 nights. We got to go to a cubs game! It was chelsea's first time to a cubs game which she had always wanted to see the cubs play at wrigley field! it was a great experience! the cubbies lost but we had such an awesome time.
after chicago we had a storm follow us all the way through ohio! it was bad but after ohio we go infront of it and made it to Maryland around 1 in the morning friday night! we were so excited to finally sleep in our apartment but were sad when our keys didnt work and we stayed in another apartment that night until we go the key issue resolved the next day!
Now matt is getting back into the groove of installing while chelsea has been setting up the apartment! we love our new place and excited to see how this summer goes!