May 24, 2009

I know, I know, where are all the pictures...

I'm sorry we haven't put up any pictures of anything since we've been in Baltimore, we are working on it. As for now, we are trying to recover from a rather long and tiring week. Chelsea's new job has been pretty demanding as she learns what all she is required to keep track of. She's got a pretty good handle on it now, this next week should be a lot smoother.
My mom is so funny, on May 18th, she sent a text message to me and Chelsea congradulating us on our month anniversary. It was nice of her to remember and think of us because WE both didn't even think about it until she texted us. We thought it was pretty funny. I hope the fact that neither of us remembered our month anniversary isn't like a bad omen or something.. I mean, we did shove cake in each others faces. Seriously though, I look at my left hand sometimes and can't believe that Chelsea and I are married! It is still great, and we are better friends and more in love than ever. (Too mushy? I'm sorry, it just came out).
Anyway, nothing really note-worthy happened this week, just plugging along with work. We went to D.C. last weekend and took some pictures. We'll try to get them up sometime soon, when we catch our breath :)

Matt and Chelsea


  1. Love the pictures. Love the gushy comments. Keep em coming! Chels, I hope that the stress of work gets a little easier this week! Yay for jobs that answer prayers!

  2. go mom! way to keep track of everyone's lives. thats impressive. and hilarious.