May 19, 2009

getting into a groove

So we're getting into somewhat of a groove with living life, even if it is not that normal. Chelsea was able to get a job in the office which is a pretty funny story. She has been almost getting jobs in our office for like 2 weeks now and every time we think she will get one, they had to give it to someone else. We were getting a little frustrated with that alley and Chelsea started to apply for other jobs at restaurants and other places. Then one night one of the technicians decided that he was going to quit and move to vegas to sell pest control (interesting move considering how busy we are here). The important part of that is that his wife was doing the inventory for all of the alarm equipment and she obviously was leaving with him; leaving an opening for Chelsea! So she is now working pretty much full time in the office organizing and counting equipment.. it's PERFECT for her. Nothing exciting to report from my end of things, just teaching people how to set their alarms. I have been really busy and have been catching up despite coming out a week later than most of the technicians.
We have now been married a month, and couldn't be happier!


  1. Great job Chelsea! That has got to be a relief I am sure! Congrats on one month!

  2. Yay for getting jobs!! Do you get to see each other in the office at all? And congrats on the first month of a wonderful marriage!!