May 10, 2009

First week of our summer is DONE!!

This week has been pretty crazy as I (Matt) have started working for the summer for AMP Alarm installing home security. Chelsea has kept herself busy getting our apartment all set up and getting ready for some online classes that she's taking this summer. Getting back into the swing of things with alarms has been interesting but good. Baltimore has proven to be quite a bit more ghetto than virginia was. Saturday night I was sent to a house to install an alarm, the last one of the night, but the office sent me to "907 princeton ct" instead of "907 princeton terr" which was around the corner. However there was a really pissed off guy at 907 princeton ct. I knocked on his door once and he didn't answer, then I knocked again and as I was walking back to my car the guy came to the door cussin up a storm, yelling at me, and waving a rather large firearm. Needless to say I was shocked, and immediately reached for the sky, and yelled WOAH WOAH WOAH! After he realized I wasn't there to do anything bad he hid the gun behind his back and pretty much gave me to the count of ten. It only took me to the count of 2 though and I was out of there! Thats been the most exciting experience so far. Chelsea came with me on a couple of jobs earlier in the week and was a great assistant. This week has been good to get settled and actually start our life together. Hopefully I don't have anymore gun experiences, but I'm sure there will be some more stories from the summer that we will be able to post here. Until next time... 


  1. wow BE CAREFUL!! love you, mom

  2. Tell chels to put up picks of your place!! I wanna see how cute and married u two are!!!