August 21, 2009

I wanna leave

So the days are winding down until we leave on Sunday! Oh my gosh I just want to leave! We head from here to Utah to see matts family and my grandparents, maybe throw in a wakeboarding trip with matts uncle and then we head off to the wonderful state of California! I have the worst anxiety right now...okay that was a little exaggerated but I'm feeling some anxiety to get out of here. I can't start packing until tomorrow which is killing me because I have time now to do it now. We only brought the things that we need so it's just easier to pack tomorrow. Oh well..I'll just watch some more Bones episodes! It's funny how that show can freak me out and prevent me from sleeping some nights, I just can't stop! Well I'm sure I could but it's pretty interesting so I deal with being scared and home alone! Don't worry I lock both of the dead bolts on the front door!
Although I haven't loved it out here we have made some good friends! Amy and Dallin. They are a young couple like Matt and I and are really funny! We have gone to dc with them a couple of times and bbq'd quite a bit!! Funniest story of night we were All so bored and decided to drive around to find something to do. Amy was craving ice cream with gummie bears and I had been wanting donuts like that whole week...and then we found dunkin' donuts with a baskin Robbins combo! So for some reason there was this huge pillar infront of a refrigerator. Dallin got amy's attention..."Hey Amy!" he then swings around trying to act all sexy and smacks right into the door of the refrigerator door that nailed his "subscapularis" area to be medical...if megan decides to read this i hope you are impressed. But then he starts saying "crap, crap crap...that really hurt." Oh the pains of trying to be sexy in a dunkin' donuts/baskin robbins! But Amy and Dallin kept us pretty entertained most nights! I hope we get to see them again in utah sometime! They helped us out this summer!!

August 20, 2009

No Joke...Best day of the summer

this happened over a week ago but i finally got around to bloggin it! so after matt go back from his grandpa's funeral he decided to take the monday off. we really didnt start doing anything until around 6:30 when we were kind of deciding what to do and then all of a sudden matt thought of an Orioles baseball game in baltimore...he went to go look it up and low and behold they were playing the Oakland Athletics!
we didnt take this picture but i thought it was pretty funny!
it was great to finally be able to go to a game that wasnt on sunday and just relax
The A's were killing the O's. And it only got better. Some guy that worked for the stadium came up to where we were sitting and started to tell us that we needed to move up under the overhang because a huge lightening storm was headed our way. and thats when we say the huge wind gusts blowing trash all over the field. but somehow matt heard that it was from a ship of some kind like a cruise ship or something...i dont know...then it just started to pour rain!! it was awesome!

it was so much fun! they started to cover the field and i had never seen that done! it was pretty cool. It looked fun to be down in the rain! i started to freak out just a little bit becuase of how hard it was raining mixed with my white shirt! but we were under the over hang and only got misted!
It was coming down so hard and looked way cool with the lights!
Matt and i kept wondering if it was ever going to die down so we could make a run for the car. And it eventually came to a drizzle and we headed out of the stadium. once we were out of the gates and practically to our car we heard cheering and figured it was just the song or someone being goofy. so we kept walking.
We made it to a restaurant and saw the game. we first thought it was the recap but it really was live feed and we ended up missing the last 4 innings! kind of sad but we still had so much fun. but the fun doesnt just end at dinner...we watched a movie as well! We blanking on what we saw...............................oh yeah GI JOes!! i loved it. everyone said that it was super cheesey and one liners but i think thats what made the movie. We were laughing most of the time.
But it turned out to be one of the best days of the summer! everything was spur of the moment and i think thats what made it so fun!
Matt and i have had fun together this summer but we really werent enjoying our jobs and to be honest the east coast is just different... ive noticed that people are just rude, especially and restaurants! oh well back to the west coast where people are friendly!! we are so excited!

August 7, 2009

Nothing but Happy Memories

A week ago matt and i went to Rexburg for our friend Pauls wedding.. Him and Karma looked great and so happy together! we were so glad we were able to go, plus it was great to get away from work. We got back work a couple days and then matt found out that his grandpa had passed away and he was back to Provo for another weekend trip. So a wedding one weekend and then a funeral the next. Someone needs to have a baby next weekend and the whole cycle will be complete..a little out of order but complete none the less.

I only got to meet his grandpa once and he seemed like the greatest guy! I was so excited to meet him (especially since he was an old guy and i love old people) but he was just there in his kitchen with laundry all over the counter folding away. He had the biggest smile when he saw matt and megan. And after matt introduced me he gave me a big grizzly bear of a hug and i could tell that this guy had such a loving heart. So once the intro was done we ate some dove chocolates and started talking. Matt and i werent even officially engaged yet but we had our date set and everything and were trying to get him to come to the wedding. Subject changed and next thing we knew he had megan and matt were pounding away on the organ. He looked so proud of his grandkids! It was awesome. I just loved being there because there was nothing but happiness coming out of this guy. maybe i just caught him on a good day but this is how i will always remember Grandpa Sharp!

So I have been in maryland all by myself...i hate it! matt needs to come home pronto! I get done with work around 3 and then i fiddle around the apartment..recleaning, go to the gym for a little, of course eat, i made pumpkin bread for the first time...and i turned out great just so you know! I am prepared for thanksgiving! gobble gobble. but i just dont know what to do while he is gone. Before we got married i was always saying i wanted to be an old lonely cat lady. But now that we have been married for almost 4 months i cant stand living alone for one day now! Im so pathetic!! Im complaining about being home alone and he is in provo because he lost a grandparent...i need to stop complaining. So im done! But come home! ha