August 21, 2009

I wanna leave

So the days are winding down until we leave on Sunday! Oh my gosh I just want to leave! We head from here to Utah to see matts family and my grandparents, maybe throw in a wakeboarding trip with matts uncle and then we head off to the wonderful state of California! I have the worst anxiety right now...okay that was a little exaggerated but I'm feeling some anxiety to get out of here. I can't start packing until tomorrow which is killing me because I have time now to do it now. We only brought the things that we need so it's just easier to pack tomorrow. Oh well..I'll just watch some more Bones episodes! It's funny how that show can freak me out and prevent me from sleeping some nights, I just can't stop! Well I'm sure I could but it's pretty interesting so I deal with being scared and home alone! Don't worry I lock both of the dead bolts on the front door!
Although I haven't loved it out here we have made some good friends! Amy and Dallin. They are a young couple like Matt and I and are really funny! We have gone to dc with them a couple of times and bbq'd quite a bit!! Funniest story of night we were All so bored and decided to drive around to find something to do. Amy was craving ice cream with gummie bears and I had been wanting donuts like that whole week...and then we found dunkin' donuts with a baskin Robbins combo! So for some reason there was this huge pillar infront of a refrigerator. Dallin got amy's attention..."Hey Amy!" he then swings around trying to act all sexy and smacks right into the door of the refrigerator door that nailed his "subscapularis" area to be medical...if megan decides to read this i hope you are impressed. But then he starts saying "crap, crap crap...that really hurt." Oh the pains of trying to be sexy in a dunkin' donuts/baskin robbins! But Amy and Dallin kept us pretty entertained most nights! I hope we get to see them again in utah sometime! They helped us out this summer!!

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  1. LOVED the technical term! see...all that anatomy pays off! can't wait to see you guys