March 30, 2011

I'm a mom!

I was talking with a friend online today and he said he almost forgot i had a kid...then he followed to say "when did we get so old!"....uh so OLD? oh please...i told him we arent old i just started young. But now that i have a little one i do feel so much more responsible and maybe a little older. I will always be young at heart, i know that will never grow old. geez...old is such a frightening word.

Besides feeling old...I feel so much love!

I love...that my parents are grands! mom was here for a week before dad came on his birthday and we celebrated with a little party and his new grandson. They were here for 4 days and i didnt want them to leave. they are so good to us. we now have a stock pile of food for about 2-3 weeks. Mom has helped me feel comfortable with being a mom and all the millions of questions i had (and still have). I am so lucky to have such amazing parents and Beck is so spoiled by his grami and papa!!

I love...That I have a son and he is just perfect! i dont know how he got this way but Matt and i are so lucky to have him in our lives. Its only been a week and a half but i cant imagine my life without this little angel. He sleeps and eats and rarely cries. He is just so...perfect for our little family.

I Love...rocking Beck to sleep and watching him just slip away into his little slumber. he just looks so at peace. i never want to put him down.  

I Love... his hair after he has been given a bath. He has every aspect of his dads hair. the cowlick right up front, the thickness, and the natural made mowhawk!!!
 I also love.. his crazy long eyelashes and big eyes! i just cant stop staring
how did i get so lucky!


March 23, 2011



Born: Saturday March 19th, 2011
Weight: 7 pounds 5 ounces
Height: 19 inches
Status: PERFECT!

 I have fallen so in love already! Beck is the calmest baby ever! He just looks around and cuddles like a pro When he starts to whimper a little its high pitch but just melts your heart! We can put him down! Matt is so proud to be a dad. We couldn't be more excited to see whats to come with our perfect little Angel.

he is SO tiny

My mother is ust AMAZING. i told her my water broke and she was already booking her flight out here. She arrived about 3 hours after Beck made his arrival. We are spoiled rotten by her. She is already the best grami Tami. She is taking such good care of us and we are so grateful for her. 


look at those cheeks! 

we did a little photo shoot. with his monkey. 

My favorite 

I really thought that my life was great before, but now my life is perfect! I am so proud to be a mommy especially this precious things mommy. I am so LUCKY! 

March 16, 2011


This just in! I am obsessed with! the discounts are amazing! but you have to catch it on a good day for the good items! we got this one for more than half off and it is amazing!! except there wont be any videos of me anytime soon because i just tried a little bit on it and i look like a balloon the HD is a bonus and a curse at the same time! Love it still!

March 15, 2011

A mix between the Two

Our baby will most likely look like a mix between the both of us right? i hope the kid looks more like matt. I was bald till i was 3 and he was born with a full head of dark gorgeous hair! We are crossing our fingers that by some luck the robinson cowlick will skip our kids..but not hoping for too much. so far all his nieces and nephews have one or more..!
I cant wait to say.."oh Beck has our eyes, Matts hair, My smile or nose.." or whatever! this is gonna be my kid and i cant wait to just hold and cuddle him! Just get here already Beck!

March 10, 2011

Beck's Photo shoot

so i decided i wanted to document my baby bump because we havent really taken many pictures so far. And now that im about to pop anytime soon i thought it was prime time to take some pictures to capture the moment and the largeness of the belly! I am only 37 weeks and 5 days today. He could come anytime! sooner hopefully! I felt kind of awkward asking my friend Erika Jackson (from hair school) to take pictures of us but i am now really glad that we did it. It will be good to look back on how big i was and all that! Like i said i wanted to capture "the moment" and matt really was such a good sport about it all! i dont make him do anything but i also dont like asking him to do things i know he wont want to do. but i figured this was for our posterities sake!

to see the whole shoot click on the slideshow to the right for larger prints...or just watch it scroll through.

March 1, 2011

Life is Good

Matt came home for lunch today and we took the opportunity to go to the Temple. We are so blessed to live where we live. We are so close to the temple we only have to walk right down the hill! I really should make it a goal to attend the Temple more offten. It always makes me feel so good for the whole day! Going always reminds me of how great my life is, how lucky i am to be married to my best friend, and now with the gift of a baby! I keep telling myself that i couldnt be happier with my life, and yet with every new day I come to realize that i am happier today than i was yesterday! I only imagine how happy i am going to be when i get to craddle Beck in my arms for the first time!