March 15, 2011

A mix between the Two

Our baby will most likely look like a mix between the both of us right? i hope the kid looks more like matt. I was bald till i was 3 and he was born with a full head of dark gorgeous hair! We are crossing our fingers that by some luck the robinson cowlick will skip our kids..but not hoping for too much. so far all his nieces and nephews have one or more..!
I cant wait to say.."oh Beck has our eyes, Matts hair, My smile or nose.." or whatever! this is gonna be my kid and i cant wait to just hold and cuddle him! Just get here already Beck!

1 comment:

  1. You guys sound like us! I was bald till I was 3 and Kyle had TONS of hair. Grant came out with very little, but don't worry...your baby will be adorable just because he belongs to you guys! Can't wait to see his arrival announcement!