April 25, 2011


Little Beckman's First Easter!
It all started out with some church and then we headed up to North Ogden to spend it with Nana and Papa
just a little photoshoot with mom and dad
  its been over a month and i still can't believe i am a mom

and matt is a daddy! he is pro! sometimes i feel like being a dad comes more naturally to Matt than it is for me being a mom! he is just that good! I mean I think im good at being a mom but he for sure outshines me with the dad department. I am so lucky to have him as the head of our little family.

Nana made the best dinner and even topped it off with fresh strawberries and cheesecake!

Nana was so cute with Beck. We couldnt resist doing yet another photoshoot! Ha

This kid could be a Gerber Baby!! Im a little biased though!
 ...and of course when it came to our turn to take a family picture the kid starts to act up!

We had such a great easter with family. there was no egg dying but im a fan of draggin on holidays and birthdays so it might happen later this week! more to come..

April 21, 2011

Beck met his G.G's

Nana and Papa made a surprise visit from Arizona. Beck finally got to meet his great-grandparents!

the party!

so on matts birthday we had a little bbq with his sisters family! it was so great of them all to come down and celebrate with us! we had a lot of fun making hamburgers and hot dogs, grilled pineapple and giving the kids some mountian dew! things got a little crazy!! haha. all the kids got to hold beck for the first time.

then we tried some cousin shots since they are only 8 months apart..this cracks me up!
all content...
then the rolls switch and its Becks turn to cry!
there we go!

we all had a great time! i tried some new recipes from PioneerWoman. i made mozzarella sticks for an appetizer..yum!

then to polish off the night i made individual birthday cakes..so easy
Molten Chocolate Cake

everything went so well we were all pooped out by the end!

 matt says he had a great birthday! yet we managed to not snap any shots of the birthday boy! i promise he was there though!

April 18, 2011

Dos Años

Today marks our 2 year anniversary. Honestly I can't believe that this happened..

I have never been this happy for this long. I am constantly learning new things about both Matt and how to be a wife, and with every new thing i am loving our marriage more and more. I feel like this is all a dream. Before we were married everyone said good luck with the first year its the hardest...i would have to object. The last 2 years have been smooth sailing. seriously we are two easy going people that just like to have fun. we have had so many fun adventures and i already know there are more to come.

Looking forward to an amazing dinner tonight! YUMM!

Ya know the best part about the 2 years that have gone by is that i have realized that the true importance of family and responsibility. I know im no pro at either by all means but i feel i have grown up tremendously. It wouldnt have happened without the help of Matt. He is so level headed he is always good about steering me in the right direction. I try to imagine what i would be doing right now if we hadnt gotten married...it doesnt look pretty. I would still be in school , maybe just now getting the idea of marriage, and having no idea what i want to do with my life. Now i have everything! I cant believe its all happened. i cant belive we have Beck. I love being a mom. I love being a wife. I love having Matt as my husband. I love sharing everything with him. I love our marriage!

Happy Anniversary Matthew Laren Robinson.I am so proud to be your wife and i cant wait to spend ETERNITY with you!

April 15, 2011


He's 28 this year!

Even though Matt doesn't read this i thought i would do a little shout out anyways! Happy Birthday husband!! We Love you! We dont know what we would do without you...well Beck wouldnt be here thats for sure! but we are so lucky to have you in our lives!!
Chels & Beckman
(haha.. that almost looks like my old name!)