April 25, 2011


Little Beckman's First Easter!
It all started out with some church and then we headed up to North Ogden to spend it with Nana and Papa
just a little photoshoot with mom and dad
  its been over a month and i still can't believe i am a mom

and matt is a daddy! he is pro! sometimes i feel like being a dad comes more naturally to Matt than it is for me being a mom! he is just that good! I mean I think im good at being a mom but he for sure outshines me with the dad department. I am so lucky to have him as the head of our little family.

Nana made the best dinner and even topped it off with fresh strawberries and cheesecake!

Nana was so cute with Beck. We couldnt resist doing yet another photoshoot! Ha

This kid could be a Gerber Baby!! Im a little biased though!
 ...and of course when it came to our turn to take a family picture the kid starts to act up!

We had such a great easter with family. there was no egg dying but im a fan of draggin on holidays and birthdays so it might happen later this week! more to come..


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the cute curly hair!!! Oh and hellp Beck is the cutest thing ever. My mom called to tell me that Beck is such a cute baby! I had to agree! Motherhood has made you even more beautiful then you already are!