May 3, 2011

His First Blessing

This weekend has been one big party! Starting with my parents coming into town last Friday and then Matt's parents had arrived Saturday. Saturday morning we prepped for the Open-house for Beckman and then had a great turn out with friends and family. Thanks to all who came and sent their congrats. We all had a blast and Beck did great with meeting so many new faces. 

I have to give a huge thanks to my mom for all the preparation she did for the open house. The open house was her idea a long time ago and i was a little iffy in the beginning just because i wasn't sure how big of a turn out it would be...but mommies know best and it was a blast. She definitely went above and beyond with making so much food and favors for everyone. We made little "booties" friday and they turned out so cute! 
Sammy Reber also helped out like crazy! she was our decorator and made a picture collage on the walls and had balloons, wrapped the door as a present with a bow and everything. She is amazing and I am super lucky to have her as my good friend! 

Sunday May 1st we were able to bless Beck. What an experience that was. The whole time I'm thinking how strange it is that this is our kid and now it's finally our turn to do a baby blessing. I can't picture myself as a grown up (or a big kid) with a family let alone having a baby to be blessed. Does any of this make sense to anyone else...basically it's all just so surreal. 

Matt gave the blessing and it was just perfect! he didn't ramble or go into crazy detail, he gave the best blessing i have ever heard. Short, perfectly sweet and to the point. My Dad, Matt's dad, my Papa and brother-in-law Clint were in the circle and Beck was sound asleep which made it go so smoothly. 

Beck looked so HANDSOME in his blessing outfit which was made by grandma Cindy. 

We decided to capture all the generation moments..
FOUR Generations...
that blows my mind. I've never met my great-grandparents (that i know of) and so to see this really was a special moment for me. Cheesy i know but its true. Its like a dream kind of moment! 

The Beckman's! haha
 My dad during sacrament was giving Beck kisses and saying "my cute little Beck-y" and i quickly said "you cant call him Becky, thats a girls name!"...he said "of course i can, kids in college called me beck-y all the time!" Here is my super dumb moment....i was like "dad why would they call you Beck-y? thats not your nammee" as i drifted off...but quickly did i put 2 and 2 together and duhhhh how did i forget his/our last name? wowwww! 

 My mom, Nana and Papa

 Matt's Parents! 

My Parents..who like to match! haha

...and the Thacker (or Fletcher according to Landon) Cousins. just missing Lizzy, James and Luke!

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family and a healthy beautiful baby boy. Life really is getting better and better with everyday! 


  1. Yay! Beck looked soooo cute! Love the booties. Can't wait for our boys to meet!

  2. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful weekend! Beck is adorable, of course and you and Matt look great! I miss your parents too!

  3. SO CUte Chels Wish I could have been there!