May 14, 2011

meet and greet!

 One of Matt's really good friends had a baby 10 days before Beck was born. And its crazy how similar they are...or atleast their parents are. We have the same car seat just different colors, the same diaper bag just a slight different style, they were both in blue outfits (plaids and stripes) and they were both blessed on the same day! They are ment to be friends! When i showed Matt this picture he said it was a flash back to him and Brett Hodson! This picture just cracks me up! It looks like Henry is telling Beck that everything will be alright. then beck has a grip on Henry's arm! hahah its just so cute!!

It was great to meet Henry finally and chat with Lisa! I really hope we can move up there somewhere..someday! Our boys are just ment to be friends!

Some new news...Beck is finally smiling!! and it really is just heart melting!

He will also try to talk to you but its just so gentle and precious! it sounds a little like "ahhguoohh..ahhgouhh"
I am so blessed to have this beautiful kid in my life!

oh and last night he slept through the night again! this time we let him cry himself back to sleep instead of feeding him around 3 then back to bed! and suprisingly he has been sleeping most of the day today! you think he would be super rested and not tired! i dont like when he sleeps so much because then i cant play with him and i cant get him to smile! I just want to keep him up all the time! lets hope he will sleep through the night again! cross your fingers! im not too worried cus this kid loves his sleep! 

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