May 17, 2011

Inspired work

So ive been craving to do some big project for around the house so I've been checking out all these DIY sites and scrolled upon this thing!

They are an Anthropologie inspired bedside table.
I really want to make these so bad! but since we eventually plan on getting a house (who knows when that will be) i want to decorate it depending on the style of the house. Really it all comes down to me not wanting to pack these up and move them to where ever we end up. Aren't they super cute though? i would totally style them up with a more popping color for the knobs.

I want some kind of project to do and I'm thinking this is more practical!
a Chevron Print Canvas Painting! it would be so cute as a headboard type artwork.
we will see what happens...who knows if i will even get to it

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