May 31, 2011

Moab for the Day

Matt was able to get either Friday or Monday off for Memorial Weekend and he chose friday. So we took a quick trip down to Arches National Park for some hiking and some sun! It will be aparent soon enough how much sun we have gotten lately! Im pretty ghostly! not to mention Beck is transparent! ha!

It is really incredible how these little caves are created from wind and water! this place was amazing! i cant believe i had never been here before!

"hey something funny!"

haha little peeper! Beck did so good on the trip! everytime we got back into the car he would fuss a little and then be perfectly content when we were outside and walking around! i think he is going to be a very outdoorsy kind of a guy!

"THE" Utah arch! Delicate Arch incase you didnt know its real name!

 our little man was exhausted by the end of the day!

 Riding off into the sunset! it was the perfect ending to the perfect day!

we are working on our photography skills but i must say im a little impressed with this last one! it could be my self portrait! haha not really since im not a photographer..but if you think about it anyone could be a photographer with how many pictures are taken all the time! yeah sure its my self portrait! ha

Anywho we had a blast hiking around and we are looking forward to our next adventure! if anyone wants to plan a trip we are all for it!!

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