September 16, 2010

Its really there!

I had my first ultra sound yesterday and i was able to hear my baby's heartbeat! oh my gosh it sounded like a frog, kind of funny. now i dont have to wonder if the baby is really in there. i heard it and had proof!!! matt came with me and pretty sure we both started to tear up a little bit but held it in! we are so strong! haha but it really in incredible to hear that fast little heartbeat! to celebrate mom came to town (well that was coincidental) and we bought 2 baby girl bathing suits, even though we dont know if its a boy or a girl, and some mommy jeans with elastic that practically goes right to my tah-tahs! hahaha i want to start wearing them now! Man i cant wait to have a kid! its going to be spoiled rotten by my parents and rockin little baby black vans! hahaha mom so knows  our style! convo between my mom and dad about the vans...
Mom: what if they have a girl? 
Dad: so what? 
Mom: well girls dont wear black shoes! 
Dad: well chels wore black shoes so their baby will for sure wear black shoes, stop stressing tam! 

gotta love my parents! they did a great job as parents and i could never thank them enough. i do hope matt and i can be close to as good as parents as mine were!! love them! and i love our heartpounding BABYY! 

September 5, 2010

It's time to celebrate!

so i am now 22 years old and had one great birthday! on our way to school Matt surprised me with my birthday present. It was so thoughtful and too perfect! I love it and probably wont ever take it off! 

Even though it was my birthday i still had to go to school and Matt still had to go to work. i started the day out so clumsy i spilled my makeup all down my pants and couldn't really get it all off but it didn't bother me which meant it was going to be a good day. And since we were working and schooling we planned a lunch at Kneaders where we had some amazing sandwiches and mint brownie. And yet again i managed to smash the brownie all on the front of my white shirt. so i flipped my shirt around and wore it backwards. i would have changed but i was in too good of a mood to let it get to me. Plus we left right after school to go to Ogden to have dinner with my Nana and papa at Maddox. Oh its the best steak ever!! I love spending time with my grandparents and i loved showing off my amazing gift from Matt! Nana loved it! The fun didn't stop there...the next day i spent time with Nana coloring and cutting her hair. It exciting especially since she trusts me to touch her hair now. The main event of the day was my Nana's cousins family reunion where everyone was supposed to bring their families yet no one besides Matt and i showed up! ha-ha but there was some amazing food and i got to learn a lot about Nana's family and genealogy! it was a little awkward but we still had fun none the less. I had such an awesome birthday weekend and when i got home i got even more gifts from my parents in the mail! baby books to start my library. I never thought i would get excited about baby books. I almost started reading them but decided i would get sick of reading them over and over to our kid so i set them aside and just started and got even more excited to have a baby!
    I thought a lot about how when i was younger i wanted to get married no younger than 23 and then maybe and the first kid around 25. funny and wonderful how things can change when you meet the man of your dreams and now i'm a little disappointed that i didn't want all this earlier. but then again if i had wanted this earlier i probably would be with Matt and living the amazing happy life I've always thought of! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and your love! It made my birthday excellent!