February 27, 2013

Jane is 3 Months

 time seriously is flying! this little girl is just an angel! always smiling and observing. she could watch her brother all day. oh i am excited for when she can move around and really play with Beck. i have a feeling they are going to be best friends!
we cant help but take pictures of this kid!

February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day!! We really had a fun day in this house! the day started out with making a giant card/poster for his desk at work..which he immediatly showed off. Beck was a little hesitant at first to get his hands dirty (like mother like son i guess!?!) but after we made the smudge hand he insisted on doing more!!!
Beck is obsessed with his sister and always wants to lay down next to her. thats how they play together! he is so sweet with her and is always trying to take care, kiss and hug her! it makes being a parent that much sweeter when you can witness how precious they are to each other.  oh and subconsciously we all dress in red today!!

After a full day of crafts, cleaning and getting prettied up we had our own little date while Matt's sister watched our babies! i love having family around to babysit. then i dont feel bad about taking our time. So we went to our favorite place.. Maddox Drive-In in Brigham City. oh mannn..to sit in your car having your food brought to you and taking your time chowing down...nothing makes that buffalo buger taste any better!! ohhh and the french fries....to die for!!! We are for sure food people! after we had some shake for dessert we acted all classy and walked through walmart just to waste time and enjoy being together, oh and made fun of the people of walmart! hot dang we are so entertaining!! hahaha but honestly it was a perfect Valentines day. I love my Valentine and i continue to love him more and more every day. even when i think i couldnt possibly love him anymore he does the unexpected and i have that much more respect and love for him. I really do feel like the luckiest girl to have an amazing husband, great kids, and a blessed life.
Be Mine Forever!

February 2, 2013

Hit the Slopes

we cant get enough of the snow!! i finally got to go to Snowbasin with Matt. it was an intense half day! my calves were burning by lunch time. im no wimp when it comes to boarding but it had been a while and matt was kicking my butt!! ahhhh such a fun day! i cant get enough of our ski hair too!!! just a bunch of crazies!!