November 19, 2009

its become a habit to stalk blogs now..its almost getting as bad as facebook. but the worst part about this blog stalking habit is that I always look at mine and think i need to write another post but i never seem to have anything to say. Everyday is about the same because i work everyday all day and with my one day off I'm usually laying around the apartment, checking facebook and blogs every five seconds (even when there is no change, i convince myself that the next time i look something will have popped up in my news feed... and to my shocking surprise nothing happens) and maybe ill do a little cleaning because Matt's sister comes over and i don't want to look like a slob! Jenna is into racquetball and usually plays with Matt on saturdays. I started to play with some lessons (i get frustrated because i suck and i suck because i am frustrated most of the time!) but i still have fun non the less. But thats just about all the change that is going on! nothing new, nothing really exciting, just work dinner and sleeping. But i do have to say that with not much excitement with activities i still am the happiest i have ever been! thats all thanks to Matt!

I can promise you though... with the holidays coming up and us moving out of Rexburg we will have more fun and exciting stories to tell!! plus photographs! woop d woop.... Stay tuned!