November 19, 2009

its become a habit to stalk blogs now..its almost getting as bad as facebook. but the worst part about this blog stalking habit is that I always look at mine and think i need to write another post but i never seem to have anything to say. Everyday is about the same because i work everyday all day and with my one day off I'm usually laying around the apartment, checking facebook and blogs every five seconds (even when there is no change, i convince myself that the next time i look something will have popped up in my news feed... and to my shocking surprise nothing happens) and maybe ill do a little cleaning because Matt's sister comes over and i don't want to look like a slob! Jenna is into racquetball and usually plays with Matt on saturdays. I started to play with some lessons (i get frustrated because i suck and i suck because i am frustrated most of the time!) but i still have fun non the less. But thats just about all the change that is going on! nothing new, nothing really exciting, just work dinner and sleeping. But i do have to say that with not much excitement with activities i still am the happiest i have ever been! thats all thanks to Matt!

I can promise you though... with the holidays coming up and us moving out of Rexburg we will have more fun and exciting stories to tell!! plus photographs! woop d woop.... Stay tuned!


  1. Ok... For goodness sake. Before you guys move out of Rexburg, come hang out with us!! We can get my mom to watch Grant and go out to eat or see a movie or something. We need to take advantage of living close!

  2. yeahhhhh i can't wait for the holidays!! ahhh so excited. i'm jumping out of my seat right now. oh, and you're not boring. i'm sure you have some random funny stories from greeting people.