October 18, 2009

Together Forever

Today marks our 6 months anniversary and we are still just loving life. Since we have been married we have gone through a lot already....i mean a lot for six months. From driving Coast to coast the week after we got married, job struggles, keeping our standards with temptations, the passing of a loved one, managing money, driving coast to coast yet again, moving , more job struggle, and currently working on graduation.

Everything that we go through we go through together and are always thinking of the other. We make such a great team I honestly couldnt have asked for anyone for suited for me. We really truly are a perfect match. We are always laughing and having fun. The picture posted above was just a couple weeks ago before i got my job. We went to Island Park for the weekend with another couple Paul and Karma. We stayed at their cabin and the next morning we went swimming in a freezing cold lake and then traveled to another lake just five minutes away and rented canoes for an hour or two. I was a beautiful day and we just relaxed. I can only imagine that my life with Matt will be nothing but laughs, adventure and excitement.

I do have to say how grateful i am to have such an amazing husband as Matt. He is the perfect husband and i couldnt have asked for better. He is such a great example and helps me to be better. He is my best friend and I am so lucky to have him. I love him so much and am so excited to see how our lives pan out together and growing old together. I love you Matt Robinson and i am so proud to say i am your wife for time and all eternity!


  1. AAAHHHHHH. THat is so sweet. Can't wait to meet you at Thanksgiving! HOpe it works out with your work schedules so we can hang out some.

  2. what a sweet post!! Matt is sooo lucky to have you---i won't lie you are pretty lucky too. love you Chels