October 4, 2009

The One Who Fainted

Since we have been in rexburg I have been litterally hunting for a job. No one in rexburg was hiring so I decided to go to Idaho Falls which is a half hour away. I needed a job and that was that so I went to the mall and applied to barnes and nobles as well as American eagle. I even talked with the manager at American eagle and by the end of the week I had an interview. I also heard that as a greeter in a Verizon store they pay you $12 an hour for standing nd welcoming everyone to the store. So before we left Idaho falls I stopped in to ask if the position was availble...and truely the lord answers our prayers. I talked with the current greeter and she said she was leaving at the end of the week because she was getting married in a couple weeks. I then talked with the manager and about a week later I was starting my new job at Verizon Wireless as the store greeter. It is the perfect job. I don't have to sell or answer question but smile, welcome people to the store, get them signed in and then write down a description of what they are wearing. It's the most simple job ever and pays great for Idaho.
So here is the great and embarassing story ever told... I recieved a call Tuesday morning from the manager at verizon he told me all my background checks had been processed and they wanted me to start as soon as I could. So I told him I can start today and he said that's great! Be here at 11. That was only in an hour and I still needed to get showered and drive for a half hour. So i rushed as fast as I could. I arrived on time and ready. It was easy and interesting with the different people that come in. My lunch break wasn't until 3 and I was starving by 1. I forgot to ask for a ten minute break and decided I was fine and waited it out. Right around 3 I asked someone if I can go on lunch because I was getting really hungry. As he walked to the back to get the manager to take my spot another coworker came up and he asked how I was doing on my first day..all of a sudden my vision went crazy blurry and I was disoriented. Next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with a customer telling me I needed food, he sounded like a doctor. Behind him were about 6 customers looking over, others yelling call 911, get an ambulence and take her to the hospital. I didn't need any of those but food. I smacked my head and went crazy pale. I slowly stood up and walked to the back room and my coworker shoved half eaten bag of tortilla chips, day old popcorn and some saltine cackers. I was so embarrassed all I wanted to do was get out of there. Once I got back to work after lunch everyone kept asking how I was and if I was going to pass out again. I really only needed nutrients and get my color back. The next couple of days coworkers I hadn't met yet were asking about my fainting. Oh my gosh I was so embarassed and now known as the new fainting greeter. So embarassing and my worst work story ever. Now I make sure I eat some breakfast before I leave and take some breaks and lunch like I should have!! ...no more passing out!

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  1. That is pretty funny. Have Kay tell you about the time she passed out at work.