March 29, 2012

Party Boy

We had a little birthday party for Beck with mostly family and a couple friends. the party was mostly for us to have a get together and it was so great. My parents came from Spokane, Both my grandparents came from Arizona and Coeur D' Alan, Matt's Sister and her family, and Alex even came from Byu-I! it was a great turn out and my parents ROCKED and helping with food prep. I have such a great family who love our son so much...and it shows! We are lucky!

Beck got an awesome fire truck from Grami and Gramps 
"i got it, i got it...YES!"

 Beck's GQ pose!

 The them!

Enjoy a video of Beck indulging on his gigantic birthday cake!

in case you couldn't capture all of the good are some snapshots of cake (well frosting) stuffing..

 skeptical at first...

 ..then got scared of the frosting all over


I really cant believe that my little boy is a ONE YEAR old!! 
here are some shots from our last month to month photoshoot! 

in the last month this little man has grown up so much..

*right after he turned 11 months he started to walk all by himself
*he loves to dance and sing to anything that makes a beat
*he learned how to make animal noises (the "squinty" cat is the best)
*he loves to skype and facetime with the grandies
*rushes to the door when he hears dad come home from work
*laughs so hard when his dad does a 360
*loves driving the car with dad (pulling the car into the garage)
*loves to climb into his Mega blocks dump trunk and can sit there for hours 
*loves chomping on crackers or anything that crunches
*enjoys his smashed pb&j sandwiches at lunch
*loves a good avocado
*lives in his Vans shoes
*he is constantly smiling and happy but takes a little effort to really get laughing
*loves bath time and his new bath toys
*he gets a high pitch scream when he is excited 
*oddly enough he loves to bang his head to feel the vibrations on any wall or someone elses head
*is stairs fanatic and could climb them all day
*he has a girlfriend at church who is a month younger than him (i swear he knows how to flirt!)
*loves to brush his own hair
*has 4 definite teeth and 2 on the verge (any day now)
*loves to brush his teeth (well have his teeth brushed)
*loves a good nuzzle to the head
*loves a good snuggle with his many blankets
*he is a good clapper
*loves toes
*loves to give high-fives

dang...i have a pretty cool son! i feel so lucky to have him in my life. it really is a blessing to be a mommy!