November 29, 2012

Jane Audrey Robinson

On Tuesday, November 27th 2012 I was scheduled to be induced at the McKay Dee hospital in Ogden
i was so anxious (and uncomfortable) the night before that i just couldn't sleep. it was torturous and around 2 am it was becoming unbearable so i had to do something, so i took a shower, practically got ready and then laid back down in bed till our alarm went off around 8!
 Checked in a little before 9
 and everything was smooth sailing from there
i had the best nurse anesthesiologist, and doctor. After getting checked in, pricked with needles, got an iv drip going and answered the zillion questions, we were ready to get crackin! we filled out some papers and last second decided to give her a middle name of Audrey. i hate doing stuff like that last second but it just felt right. there's a little story behind it but that's for another time!By 10:30 or so i was given pitocin to induce the contractions and there was no time wasted because by about 10:45 i was feeling some cramping and they were practically regular. we had been waiting for Dr. Seale (Rocky) to come and check in on us and when he did the anesthesiologist made his appearance at the same time. The Doc had to break my water. The process was very quick and almost immediately after i was sat up and given an epidural. funny story... our nurse Sabrina had been telling us how extremely quiet the little Indian anesthesiologist was and that the only thing he will say is "ouch" right when he sticks in the needle. when he showed up he said "hello...have you had an epidural before?" then he did his thing setting up and prepping the area and tapped my back and said in a very monotone a quiet voice "ouch." it was hilarious! but then after the line was put in and set up, he started explaining to me how to push the button for more and how it works! when he left the nurse was shocked! she went off about how that was incredible and how much he talked! she said in all her years of working with him that was the most she had ever heard him talk! haha..."ouch!!!" so funny. Now its was about a quarter to 12 and the nurse said it was going to be a lot of waiting from here. but she would be back in an hour to check me and see how far along i was. around 1 Sabrina came back in and sarcastically said "okay lets check you out and i bet you will be around a 7" really thinking i would be around a 5. and to her surprise i was at an 8 and the head was right there. i thought she was joking until she started to page Dr. Seale. then she flipped me on my side and lifted up a leg. she said this speeds the process just that much faster. She told me not to try and page her at least 10 minutes because we needed my iv to finish but i started feeling some pressure around 8 minutes and the iv bag was just barely gone. we paged her and she called the doc and, to spare the dirty details, after 5 contractions little miss Jane entered our world! 
 Miss Jane Audrey Robinson
born November 27th 2012
@ 2:27Pm
6 pounds 13 ounces
19 inches

 Best team EVER
 Dr. Fred (Rocky) Seale, one amazing Doc
 so healthy, so blessed

one proud daddy (of 2!!!)

 Beck meeting Jane for the first time was honestly heart melting. it was so precious!

 Grami Tami holding Jane for the first time! same hair doo!

 Best Big Bro!

Megan and Laura came to see Jane the first night! 

 Minnie mouse...haha

 great-nana meets great granddaughter 
 i cant get enough of this kid! so stinking cute!

 Welcome Baby Jane!
we love you 

November 24, 2012

Give Thanks

This year was second time hosting a Thanksgiving and our First time holding it in our own house!! We had so much fun spending time with family! My parents came down for the whole week before Thanksgiving and Alex came down when he finished school a couple days before the big meal and then Nana and my cousin Megan came over the day of. Beck has been attached to Grami Tami's hip and the house has been loud with them laughing and running all around. Something i couldn't do because i was 9 months pregnant and praying little Jane would come earlier! and i cant express how great it has been to have Dad here for a whole week not having to work the whole time! i really love spending time with my family and all our sarcasm and laughing! Plus watching Beck learn so many new things just while they are here was priceless. His personality really is expanding. He is a very clever and energetic little boy! i cant wait to see him with a little sister and how they will get along.

i really do love my family and i am so grateful for every little and giant thing they have done for me and matt! they are amazing grandparents and have centered their lives around them! i am also grateful for Matts family and all that they do for us as well! they are always there for us when we need them! I have such a great appreciation for my family and truly believe i am who i am today because of them! (hopefully you all think that's a good thing!i do)

i am most thankful that this stud of a guy would want to marry me and have a family! i am so lucky to have him and all his wisdom in my life! he is an amazing husband, father and best friend! and did i mention ridiculously handsome! gosh im blessed!