March 10, 2011

Beck's Photo shoot

so i decided i wanted to document my baby bump because we havent really taken many pictures so far. And now that im about to pop anytime soon i thought it was prime time to take some pictures to capture the moment and the largeness of the belly! I am only 37 weeks and 5 days today. He could come anytime! sooner hopefully! I felt kind of awkward asking my friend Erika Jackson (from hair school) to take pictures of us but i am now really glad that we did it. It will be good to look back on how big i was and all that! Like i said i wanted to capture "the moment" and matt really was such a good sport about it all! i dont make him do anything but i also dont like asking him to do things i know he wont want to do. but i figured this was for our posterities sake!

to see the whole shoot click on the slideshow to the right for larger prints...or just watch it scroll through.

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