March 30, 2011

I'm a mom!

I was talking with a friend online today and he said he almost forgot i had a kid...then he followed to say "when did we get so old!"....uh so OLD? oh please...i told him we arent old i just started young. But now that i have a little one i do feel so much more responsible and maybe a little older. I will always be young at heart, i know that will never grow old. geez...old is such a frightening word.

Besides feeling old...I feel so much love!

I love...that my parents are grands! mom was here for a week before dad came on his birthday and we celebrated with a little party and his new grandson. They were here for 4 days and i didnt want them to leave. they are so good to us. we now have a stock pile of food for about 2-3 weeks. Mom has helped me feel comfortable with being a mom and all the millions of questions i had (and still have). I am so lucky to have such amazing parents and Beck is so spoiled by his grami and papa!!

I love...That I have a son and he is just perfect! i dont know how he got this way but Matt and i are so lucky to have him in our lives. Its only been a week and a half but i cant imagine my life without this little angel. He sleeps and eats and rarely cries. He is just so...perfect for our little family.

I Love...rocking Beck to sleep and watching him just slip away into his little slumber. he just looks so at peace. i never want to put him down.  

I Love... his hair after he has been given a bath. He has every aspect of his dads hair. the cowlick right up front, the thickness, and the natural made mowhawk!!!
 I also love.. his crazy long eyelashes and big eyes! i just cant stop staring
how did i get so lucky!



  1. Oh he is so cute! I love his hair! We sent you a package but i forgot to put a card in the package! Oops sorry, but it is from us!

  2. So adorable I wish I could be there to see him