May 4, 2009

Just getting started

We have been married for 16 days 3 hours 27 minutes and 50 seconds now and loving every second of it. After the wedding day we took our time and made our way up the coast from San Francisco to Victoria Canada to see the sights. In Victoria we cruised around EVERYWHERE on our longboards checking out the town looking like tourists. Funny story actually, we were eating pizza on some grassy knoll. It was so peaceful and then all of a sudden we hear somebody yelling "i blame the FAA. they blocked all the satilites and forced pluto to drop out of orbit!" then there is a couple minutes of silence and then another outburst makes its way.."i dont owe ****, my account number is 529938492 (i just made those up) I CANT believe this man, I LOVE you man..." we died laughing!! And then right next to this guy some drug deal was going on with frist some lady probably in her 40's and later a random hoodlum! I love canada!!
We made out way then from canada to seattle for the open house! it was perfect and small! There was plenty of cheesecake left over so im sure if you still want some give cindy a call!! after the open house we then started our coast-to-coast treck from seattle to Maryland.
We made a stop in Salt lake, then Omaha, where we camped out at a KOA. It was raining so we stayed in a little cabin instead of a tent. It was so much fun! but from there we made our way to the windy city of chicago for 2 nights. We got to go to a cubs game! It was chelsea's first time to a cubs game which she had always wanted to see the cubs play at wrigley field! it was a great experience! the cubbies lost but we had such an awesome time.
after chicago we had a storm follow us all the way through ohio! it was bad but after ohio we go infront of it and made it to Maryland around 1 in the morning friday night! we were so excited to finally sleep in our apartment but were sad when our keys didnt work and we stayed in another apartment that night until we go the key issue resolved the next day!
Now matt is getting back into the groove of installing while chelsea has been setting up the apartment! we love our new place and excited to see how this summer goes!


  1. yayyyyy for getting married AND starting a blog! for some reason that's what married couples do! ha... but bobby and i are wayyy happy for you guys and need your address so we can send you something!

  2. YAY for blogs. love you two.

  3. Don't forget to post pictures of the baby! (whenever that time comes) I am glad you made it safe to the east coast.

  4. YAY another person I can blog stalk!! I'm sorry I wasn't at your wedding, but from what I heard it was fabulous! I love ya my other lil sis and am so happy for you!

  5. that story about canada was hilarious. wow. good time. miss you guys!