May 8, 2009

A Little Update

So I have some pictures to post up from our trip so here you go!!

this was just the beginins...

We made our way from Danville, CA to Seattle and stopped by Crater Lake in Oregon! It was beautiful and smelled so clean!

we had to walk to get a good look at the 1900 ft crater of beauty as they were plowing the street!

trying to get a closer look and he falls in pretty deep...buuurrr
while i laugh away on some scenic rock trying to ignore the pain of my frozen freshly cut foot...thats what i get for wearing flip-flops! Karma

We hopped right back into the car for another 10 hours... to finally reach seattle in time for the Mariners game! Where Jenna then accompanied us to help cheer on Ichiro! WOO go team go! i only wish i could have seen the convertable top close!

After we left seattle we headed up to canada to the beautiful Gardens of Butchart!!

"chelsea is so funny!" This is a Redwood tree Hedge!! crazy!!

Th Gardens were just amazing and right after the gardens we glided around Victoria on our longboard and a camera just looking like tourist! and thats when we run into the bum with turrets! it was a beautiful day that not even a bum could ruin! by the end of the day chelsea's calf was hurting so much to where we made multiple stops for a stretching break! Because our balcony had an amazing view and a bbq we bought steaks, garlic asperagus and Dr. Pepper for one night, and the other night we had salmon and halibut with a side salad and some mashed potatoes! The feast for kings! Chelsea got to experience her first taste of halibut and fell in love shortly thereafter!

Our trip to Canada was so fun and we were a little bummed to have to leave, but we headed back to seattle for one more night and then enjoyed a great open house at the parents for more wedding gifts and cheesecake for months to come! It was very low key but perfect! Chelsea got to meet people from Redmond that matt talked about and we had some great laughs! Chelsea's mom and dad flew up from California and it was so good to see them and have them there at the reception.

The next morning we were finally making our way across the country to Maryland! our first stop was Salt Lake, UT where we stayed at Chelsea's Nanas house for one night. 12 hours later we ended in Omaha, Nebraska. This was a great pit stop because we decided to camp out at a KOA but it ended up raining and we rented a little wood cabin and fell asleep to the rain storm overhead! it was peaceful! The next 8 1/2 hour drive took us to chicago for 2 nights! Matt suprised me with Cubs tickets!! I have always wanted to go to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs play. it was great! but before the game we walked around chicago and took some pictures of the windy city


"if the moon was made out of BBQ spare ribs, would you eat the moon? HECK i know i would, i even go for seconds and polish it off with an ice cold Budwizer!"

Finaly surrounded by a sea of BLUE

this is awesome...a scoreboard under the top deckoh the beautiful field of Wrigley!


  1. looks like you had a fun trip! have a great summer...

  2. Especially love the SNL quote in the middle :)

  3. love the pics! you guys are so cute! keep up the good blogging :)))