December 9, 2010

The Stocking Were Hung By The Chimney with Care!

Our decorations are up thanks to the help of Matt's grandparents throwaway christmas supply. well the tree and some lights...okay one strand of lights really, But we got to set up some stockings for our blossoming little family. We had so much fun jamming to christmas music and hanging lights. Then realizing most of the lights from grandparents didnt work or had a continuous flow we made a sprint to ShopKo (which neither of us had been to yet matt was inspired!) we got there and EVERYTHING christmas was 60% off. so we stocked up! Notice our stockings!! yeah the one (mine) has cardinals on it..are cardinals even really that christmas-y? oh well it still looks cute! so after our shopping spree we booked it back and busted out the jams again and even took a break for hot chocolate with a candy cane and wassail. it really was a great night and festive!! i love the holiday season! 

we have THREE stockings to hang now!!! THREE..we are having a BABY! it's so much more real when you see the evidence. well i guess the belly should be enough evidence but at the same time something different shows and its like a whole new realization. I am so excited and i cant believe that i have the best husband to help me raise our son! My life truly is blessed. 

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