May 30, 2010

The New Diggs!

So our landlords daughter had been driving us crazy because we would fall asleep around 10:30-11 and the house would be so quiet then all of a sudden at 1:30am someone would be pacing back and forth from the living room (which was right above our bedroom) to down the hall and then some nights there would be stomping/marching. I'm pretty sure she was plaing wii-fit and walking a mile or doing step aerobics because it was so rythmic! We couldn't take it anymore, we hadn't slept soundly since January so we luckily had a back up plan with matts family. His grandparents had passed away and we were able to move into their house for better rent, more room, and an unbelievable view with the temple in our front yard.
We got out of there the next night and slowly moved with amazing help from Clint and kims friend Dustin. Now I'm just praying we don't have to move again for a long time! We have been there for about a week now and we have slept so soundly and I love waking up to Marty downstairs singing. Oh and we planted our first garden (that hopefully produces) in the backyard. We planted peas, carrots, cucumber, spinach, cantelope, and watermelon! We didn't get to the sunflowers but those will be planted shortly! I love where we live! it has been so peaceful and we love our ward and area so much already.

as for hair school we had a big hair show type runway thing last week that im am so grateful is over. the school was divided up into groups of 12 girls and then we all had about 8 models and had to find music for our segment, dancers, costumes, choreography and hair pieces/styles. and to be completely honest it would have been fun to look back on but our instructor kind of made is miserable because of how stressed she would get which made us stressed. before this all started people would say it will get frustrating and you will get mad at friends but once it is over you will have realized how fun it really was....all i have to say is...FALSE! when it was all over i was jumping for joy because we didnt have to do it anymore or deal with stupid people! but it was an experience because now i know what level of stress i can handle and create choreography within a day with the help of ashley! she is an friend at hair school that dances as well and we actually had to perform last minute because plans made by others didnt work out...suprise?! but here are some pictures...oh ps our segment was pocohontas....the theme of the whole show was "fairy tales" with other segments like avatar, toy story, pirates of the carribean and disney shows. everything turned out pretty sweet but again im relieved it over! haha. more actual camera (not phone) pictures to come!
on the left are some of our models..."grandma willow," "feathers" and "pocohontas"... then me and ashley on the right as the dancers. we also had models dressed as Kokoum, John smith, the chief, and the river. we had to improv with characters because we didnt want to use all people but surroundings! haha

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