February 26, 2011


Today marks my week 36 which means only 4 more weeks left! or less!!!!! My fingers are crossed and im hoping i get to see this little guy earlier...but he should cook as long as he can but i wanna see him and hold him and cuddle him! Luckily im not crazy uncomfortable just looking like im about to pop anyday now! Although i've heard from everyone that i will just know when im having contractions but im scared im not going to tell if they are really happening until its too late! but this is my first time so i have no idea what to expect! im just going along with the ride, not so much as Beck. Oh man i just wanna see him!  We really have been so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy. AHHH we are so blessed! i cant wait to be a mom and matt is dying to be a daddy! We love little Beckman so much already, its torturing us that we have to wait 4 more weeks! I still havent really bought any prego clothes and now im starting to give up on getting dressed for the day and just wearing sweat pants and grubby shirts. Im so lazy! but im just at home not trying to impress anyone but myself. i do attempt to put jeans on when we go out! hahah! okay im not really that bad but im sure matt is really impressed! ha! Im ready for this belly to go away so i can move and put my shoes on without getting winded!! 4 more weeks...maybe (cross your fingers) even less than that!

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