November 3, 2011

Give me something good to eat!

This year marks Beck's first Halloween and his Grami Tami bought him 3 different costumes..she clearly forgot that she bought the others! Even though matt and i have been married through 3 Halloweens, this is our first year of passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters! Not as fun as i thought it would be...maybe its just me but the kids were so awkward...and high schoolers! okay i'll admit i went treating when i was a junior in high school but thats different...right?! anywho...It's also our first time carving pumpkins together...i know we are slackers/party poopers! I think last year we bought pumpkins but never carved them. this year we carved away and even roasted the pumpkin seeds! oh and watched Chunkin Punkin for a good 3 hours! I'd say we did pretty good this year!

he started out as a Shark!

Then....a Monkey

and a Tiger for the finale! 

We took him to a couple of the neighbor houses pretty much just to show him off. one of our neighbors wanted to see all 3 we dressed and went 3 different times! It was so fun to dress him up and now im already thinking of his costume for next year.I'm going to get more into it. we sort of dressed up this year....
(librarian, lumberjack and tiger!) 


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  1. What a cutie! Three costumes is fabulous... can't wait to see what you come up with next year!