October 19, 2011

another month gone by

and so quickly came 7 months for Beck! he is getting so big and learns so fast! once this kid learns how to move his arms while crawling i will have my hands full! he has so much gusto that he will just take off and leave me in the dust!

7 months and he..
  • loves to be snuggled and swaddled in his blanket for bedtime
  • all smiles
  • can say momma and dadda
  • loves to walk with mom and dads help
  • can sit in his stroller all day long
  • is still afraid of loud cheering
  • is a daddys boy
  • loves to skype with grami and grandma
  • is getting pumped to wear his 4 different halloween costumes!
  • loves story time right before bed
  • loves to blow bubbles constantly with his mouth
  • loves the grass (im in trouble when it starts snowing)
  • has monkey toes and can grab anything with his feet
  • still loves anything that crinkles
  • cracks up when he sees other babies
  • is a ladies man..already
  • splashes in the water like crazy in the bath
  • always wakes up so happy from naps and bed
  • sips, okay chugs, out of a cup effortlessly
  • laugh in high pitch noises
  • jabbers to himself
  • loves the mirror
  • and loves his morning walks with his mama!

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