October 6, 2011

it's been a while....

2 days in the making for this one entry...im trying to catch up on almost 4 months here! so sorry its crazy long! i understand if you only look at pictures...i dont plan on writing much! pictures tell more than words right?! enjoy!

July 2011 Jones Reunion!
all except one of moms brothers! we missed you lloyd and kris! 

 Four generations!!

i was flying solo (with beck). matt couldnt come because of work and his family reunion was 2 weeks later 
im sure he planned it that way so he could get out of being with my crazy family! ha

Matt didnt come and Dad had work as well and was stuck in his cave talking with japan or switzerland or something...

Alex got home from his mission and met beck for the first time!
(this isnt there first meet and greet but he is a good uncle!)

at the "farm"

Lake Couer D' Alene 

and this was constant behavior from grami and gramps!

4 month {grease ball!}

rice cereal for the first time! pirceless reactions!


We went camping on Whidby Island in Seattle for the reunion. it was so much fun!! the adults stayed up to play board games one night and thought we were going to get beat up by some old man neighbor for being too loud. no warning no nothing just his trembeling scream to wake everyone else up who couldnt hear us. camping adventures! 

baby bjorn! 
Beck's cousin Luke filled up the tank a little better! ha these kids are going to be awesome cousins! they gotta team up against the twins!! haha 


the tide on this beach rolled in so fast we saw the boats, which were on dry sand, go afloat! neat

too bad i dont have landons face! he wasnt too happy with the covering the body with sand part. the hole idea was fun just not the idea of being stuck! ha!

Still at the reunion we went to a mariners game and Beck got his first Mariners shirt and wore it proudly! he just wasnt a fan of all the cheering or the crazy hot sun!

7th inning stretch dance! "lady killer!"

Beck loves his Grandma

Beck turned 5 month shortly after we moved into Nana and Papa's house in North Odgen while Matt gets his Masters in Accounting at Weber State.
5 months and getting so freaking big! i love my little man!

First haircut! at this moment i really felt hair school payed off! A little proud! but sad also to cut off becks dark locks! he is going to be a toe-head in the next couple weeks! seriously instant blondy!

Chelsea's 23rd Birthday!  
Mom made an amazing surprise visit and made me my favorite angel food cake! YUM+EEEE
and matt is always so amazing and giving gifts! i wanted this poloroid so bad but barely ever mentioned it! he is perfect! best birthday! mom surprised me, babysat beck, and matt took me on such a beautiful and unforgetable date! I truly am in love..and 23! happy birthday to me!

 Beck Loves hanging out with his Nana! 

Can you believe our son is 6 months old now! and wear my homemade hat!

one last thing....watch THIS!

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