November 26, 2011

8 months

holy cow time really is flying by and now my little baby boy...who now looks like a toddler, is 8 months old!

at 8 months Beckman
  • can crawl like a maniac!
  • stands up on everything
  • says mama all day long
  • dances to any music, singing, or really any kind of noise
  • loves to sing while he dances
  • loves to run in the air (while being held)
  • has so much energy
  • loves making a gummy smile
  • wont laugh with mom but as soon as dad walks in the room he instantly starts cracking up
  • eats some solid foods (loved his turkey on Thanksgiving)
  • has a sweet tooth for fruits
  • isnt really interested in food (it takes him forever to eat and drink his bottle
  • falls to sleep without a fuss at bedtime
  • is the best sleeper (12 hours all night long!)
  • craves to be outside all day long
  • loves drinking out of mom and dads glasses
  • is scared of old men
  • doesnt like instant loud cheering
  • loves to read books with mommy
  • loves skyping with his grands
  • loves to watch football
  • is tough except when it comes to cheering
  • is such a blessing to our lives

1 comment:

  1. Love this post! I loved reading all the stuff the adorable little man can do! I love him so much! I love love love this picture!