November 8, 2010

His Big Race

Im laggin behind again already! but matt ran his half marathon the saturday before halloween (or the day of halloween in utah) I was kind of nervous because the couple weeks before his race he was working insanely hard at work and wouldnt come home until around 3 in the morning! but he pulled if off so well! it was a costume run, he didnt dress up because he was worried about running and finishing! He did amazing for a first timer... 13 miles in 2 hours and 14 minutes! i met him at checkpoints and cheered him on and passed  him some dried apricots for some energy! 
bright and early around 7 stretching for the kickoff! 
here he is at mile 5 
only mile 5 and he is feeling great! 
about mile 7 and i was too worried about taking a picture and i almost missed the apricot hand off
mile 11 and he caught me by suprise! but he is so happy still!! wait till the finish line...
 yeah this guy ran the whole 13 miles barefoot!! crazy kid! my feet were freezing and i had ugg boots on! 
crossing the finish line. he wasnt much of a happy camper. I kept calling his name and he knew i was there but kept focus on the finish line! i had to chase him down after and he was so loopy it was really cute actually! 

HE EVEN GOT A MEDAL!! and a pretty cool t-shirt that looks like a harley davidson design. pretty cool! happy halloween! 


  1. Great job Matt!! whens the next race?

  2. Way to go Matt! I can't imagine doing that without having some solid time to train beforehand!